Liberal blame America crowd is right about Russo-Georgian War it is indeed our Governments fault

Liberals enjoy blaming America for almost anything especially the Cold war and Arms Race that followed WW II. The British Conservatives agree that the American Government is to blame for much of post WW II problems.Yet the Conservatives in Great Britain hold an entirely different perspective on why and who is responsible than Liberal Americans do. In fact the total opposite viewpoint.

British conservatives know that it was Americas soft underbelly called Liberalism that created the cold war mess. So obviously it’s problematic aftermath known as the post cold war era is also the result of Liberal vulnerability.

Europe was divided because the United States had enough power but did not know how to use it Britain knew how to use power but did not have enough and the Soviet Union had enough power and knew how to use it.Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt Divide Europe1990 Book by Remi Nadeau

American Liberalism not Conservatism set the wheels in motion and there lies the true blame for 63 years of a world in turmoil including the recent Russo – Georgian War. USA Lefties still think we were too tough on the Communists if we had listened to them the whole world might be Communist.

Liberal American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sowed the seeds for the Cold War and Post Cold War events. It was at the YALTA Conference where FDR went behind the UK Conservative Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill’s back and handed Stalin not only everything he wanted but more than he could ever have imagined.


Roosevelt went to Stalin and gave him the green light for the incorporation of the 3 Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia , and Estonia in the U.S.S.R. Roosevelt did same with Moldova when he OKed Stalin’s annexation of Moldova from Romania. Parts of Finland and Eastern Poland were also given to Stalin by Roosevelt behind the back of the British. Finland and Austria were free Democracy’s that existed as buffer states between the Communist world and NATO. Most if not all of the Warsaw Pact nations of Eastern Europe could have held the same buffer status if Roosevelt had only listened to Churchill and Eden instead of his friend Stalin.


FDR was a sick man and he died less than 2 years later maybe that had a role in his ineffectual diplomacy. Then he was also very stubborn and arrogant especially when he treated the British as junior partners. Roosevelt instead got chummy with USSR Commie Dictator STALIN. Roosevelt refused to listen to Churchill and ignored Churchill’s chief negotiator the British Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony Eden. In fact it is Eden’s memoirs that is the primary source for an out of print book written in 1990 by author Remi Nadeau.

The years 1941-1945, how Churchill and Eden hoped to block Stalin with diplomatic bargaining and military preemption, how Roosevelt failed to understand Stalin’s intentions and repeatedly failed to support the British with U.S. strength — all this is the tragic story. It is not a story of American wrongdoing but of American innocence. The very idealism that made Roosevelt a surpassing global leader in winning the war also kept him, from winning the peace. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt Divide Europe1990 Book by Remi Nadeau

Anthony Eden (1897 – 1977)Eden was a British Conservative politician who served as foreign secretary in three different decades and was Prime Minister 1955-1957 Eden had distinguished military service record in World War I, then entered Parliament in 1923. In 1935 he became foreign secretary at the age of 38, although he resigned within three years, in protest at Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policy towards Germany. The other prominent anti-appeaser, Winston Churchill, in May 1940 restored Eden to the Foreign Office. In 1940 – 1945, and again in 1951 – 1955, Eden was not only Churchill’s foreign secretary, but also his acknowledged and uncontested successor as leader of the Conservative Party.


The map of Europe was carved up at Yalta and Roosevelt was easy prey for Stalin. Liberalism created the Cold War at YALTA since Roosevelt’s division of Europe put Joseph Stalin in a position to threaten Western Europe and thereby upset the global balance of power that emerged from the war.

The Cold War, the Arms Race, the enslavement of hundreds of million Central and East Europeans through Communist Military Occupation for almost 50 years, Post Cold War conflicts in former USSR, Post Cold War conflicts and Ethnic Cleansing in former Yugoslavia, the Fall of Nationalist China, the Rise of Red China, the Chinese Communist enslavement of Tibet, and much much more misery all owing to ineffective American style Liberal ideology.

The truth will never be debated in America although it has been in Europe for decades and is accepted by most academics in Great Britain. To allow this into the public arena would reveal that it is their ideology Liberalism that created the Cold War and Post Cold War events and not Conservatism. The Left dominated US Colleges and the Liberal mainstream media will never permit this opinion to reach our public in a million years. The Ivory Tower Left have successfully kept the whole issue off the table here in America. I attended Graduate School in Europe back in 1992 which is the only reason I ever learned about this information. Eastern Europe could have been saved from Communism but instead was handed over to Stalin at Yalta by a Liberal.