Presently our nation is leaning to the Democrat Party

When the liberals bashed Bush over OIF and OEF, even with Yellow Cake surfacing and transported secretly and safe fully out of Iraq to Canada, preceded by the Surge and time table controversy, I was up set at those who called President Bush a murder.

At odds with Bush’s policies on trucking as a result of enforcement of NAFTA, Illegal immigration, International Court retrying 51 convicted criminals/murders from Mexico due to treaty agreement, Custom Officers jailed, Attorney General conduct, while Obama may sweep house like Clinton did, and as well other issues relating to energy, environment and natural resources, privacy and reconstruction methods of Iraq, with millions homeless, Bush was still my President and the elected head of our nation by the majority.

As a sailor, solider, airman or SEAL serving in harms way; President Bush was there Commander-In-Chief at the beginning of OIF and OEF and will be until he leaves office.

Voicing an opinion is an Americans right, yet I’m not comfortable calling politician’s names or pursuing hate tactics in a march to exclaim the faults of our President.

If change doesn’t take hold, the American people can vote again as with other elected officials.

Presently our nation is leaning to the Democrat Party and liberals have there day. State propositions will affect American society, politics, energy, environment and natural resources.

Issues on National Security, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Georgia/Russia, Poland, North Korea, China, Africa, Europe, South America, etc., Gun Control, Abortion, United Nations, International agreements on the environment, economy, taxes addressed in the congress and senate by a Democrat Controlled forum will notably be aligned.

We can however hold Obama accountable and address our concerns about Senate and House Bills and Laws governing business practices over hauling banking procedures and the handling of mortgages to include an investigation into Wall Street.

In the up coming months we will witness the building of an executive branch of the government transformed in search of change that will rock our world.

As I’m quickened up into the mayhem of real change, I can only pray the direction our country heads will quicken the Kingdom Of God.

If Israel ever nukes Iran and Syria, preceded by an attack on Iran’s nuclear power plants, resulting in war between Iran and Israel, Syria joining Iran, Syria and Iran would be hit at the same time. Would America defend such and action? Millions dead as a result of self preservation and seven years to go if we abandoned Israel during which time our Lord would return. Are we in the end time or can Obama fix everything?

Will Americans stand by there President elect or bash him?

Can Obama unite the American people leaning to the left?

Will the economy be boosted through green jobs?

Will we loose the Iraq war?

Will Bin laden be captured?

Will we invade Pakistan to get bin laden?

Will Iran be allowed to have nukes?

Will Chavez be allowed to install ballistic missiles from Russia?

Will Israel be defended?

Will the Middle East policies of Obama solve issues of state sovereignty for Israel’s neighbors?

Will Supreme Court judges be replaced with more liberal judges?

Will we survive the future?

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