Some thoughts on reaching women voters

Have you ever noticed that EVERY single women’s magazine has a Leftist agenda.

Sandwiched among the relationship articles and the latest pasta recipes are fear mongering crisis articles (and the need for Government as a protector). Then there’s the steady drumbeat of casual sex is cool…casual sex has no fun…casual sex has no consequences…contraception…contraception…contraception…abortion…abortion…abortion.  Every conservative man is a Neanderthal or a geek in need of political enlightenment (along with the latest techniques from 50 Shades of Grey).  Conservative women may have a token “Letter to the Editor” for the sake of equal time.   They may get a faintly positive article where they are treated as oddities of nature.  But for the most part, accomplished, articulate conservative women don’t seem to exist in the pages of these magazines.  Likewise for conservative college students.    They start the indoctrination in middle school.  That’s the initial age of the target audience of Seventeen magazine where teens are guided on how to access birth control on the sneak without parental knowledge on the four pages following the Latest and Greatest Spring Prom Dresses section.  Myrna Blythe documented this bias in her book “Spin Sisters..How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness (and Liberalism) to the Women of America”.

I’ve also noticed that every single magazine on the Right, National Review, American Spectator, Human Events etc. is nothing but politics…politics…politics.  Every article is about conservative ideas and apologetics for sound conservative principles.  They’re long detailed articles with few pictures.  Don’t get me wrong.  These are wonderful, informative magazines, and I enjoy reading them.  But it seems to me that conservatives, while being right about wanting to appeal to our intellects feel it is beneath them intellectually to offer up ideas in ways that speak to our emotions as women, and the fact that we often find our outlets through our families and our relationships.

Does anyone remember Reader’s Digest?  It used to be that sandwiched between an inspiring, uplifting “against all odds” stories and cute pet stories were articles about the failures of various liberal policies.  And who could forget the judicial outrage of the month?

It seems that conservatives, in their efforts to set forth their policies and convince people that these policies are beneficial have forgotten how to present these ideas in ways that people can connect with their families and their relationships.

How about if a magazine profiled a smart, accomplished pro-life woman such as Michelle Malkin, or a college student who is proud to think with her brains, not her “lady parts”, and who is refusing to participate in the hook-up culture.  What if the harm abortion does in women’s lives could be pointed out?  What if we could point out that many of the leaders and volunteers in the pro-life movement are women?

In conclusion, it’s not the Republican party’s POSITIONS on the social issues that loses female voters.  I think we must be more attuned to women’s interests in the way we present them.