An open letter to Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johanssen and Hollywood A-listers...

You claim you speak for us and stand for our interests…..SERIOUSLY??????

You claim you can’t imagine a woman voting for Mitt Romney.  Well listen up Eva.  You too, Scarlett.  The rest of you A-Listers, class in now in session.

Each time we go to fill up our cars, we realize that we’re paying more for gas than we were four years ago because oil production has been cut back and the Keystone Pipeline remains unbuilt. We also see the effects when we go to the grocery store.  Chicken breasts that used to be loss leaders at 78 cents a pound are now twice that.  And gasoline is close to $4.00 a gallon.  Our paychecks don’t go as far as they used to.  You probably have assistants to take care of your shopping, chauffeurs to drive you places, and your paychecks haven’t shrunk a bit (unless your last movie bombed).

All around us we see people who previously held good paying professional jobs languishing on unemployment or stocking shelves at the local Target. Some of those people are our husbands…or us.  Those of us with teenagers who WANT to work find that the kids are now competing for the same burger flipping jobs with a whole segment of the population who used to have more substantial employment. Those of us who sent optimistic young people to college with hopes and dreams four years ago see the same kids return home to live because they can’t make enough to support themselves.  You don’t pay attention to the “ordinary folks” anymore, other than the ones who annoy you for autographs.  You probably haven’t seen your kids in years (given that any of them were lucky enough to escape from your wombs alive).

We see a looming debt crisis that will affect every single US citizen.

We see a culture that increasingly devalues life AND liberty.

We see businesses that want to hire and expand burdened by reams of legislation….and we’re afraid for our future….very afraid.

You claim you’re for “women’s reproductive rights”.  So are we.

We are smart enough to realize that an act of consensual sex  MIGHT create a child.  Therefore we’ll make sure that we get to know a man first, marry him and THEN had sex. We’ll pay for our own birth control, thank you very much.   If we get impatient and become pregnant out of wedlock, then we’ll rearrange our lives to accommodate the coming child and our changing responsibilities.  If we realize that we would be incompatible with our partner in a marriage, then we’ll place our child for adoption so that he can have the benefits of having TWO involved parents or we’ll take the responsibility to do our utmost to raise the child on our own without Uncle Sam as our Sugar Daddy.  We’re smart enough to realize that an unborn child is not a “choice”, but an equally autonomous human being with rights of his own.  He is not chattel that we can be rid of for the sake of convenience.

So do you honestly think we’re so stupid that we can’t set personal boundaries, demonstrate self-control or give serious consideration to the long term effects our choices we make today will have?  Or do you think we’re dumb enough to drop trou and roll on our backs for any dude who takes us to Starbucks twice in a row?

Do you think we’re so stupid that we think having to pay for our own birth control means that government agents are going to swoop into every drugstore in the US to scoop up ALL contraceptives?

You claim that you stand for “women’s issues”.  So do we.

Do you think we’re so stupid that we can’t peel aside the fancy labels you throw out and consider the implications of some of the policies you proposed? Take the Violence Against Women Act.  Many of us feel that this federalizes a problem that would be better off if left to the states.  We also want more oversight so that money is directed towards programs that actually help victims of domestic violence, not towards unrelated, extraneous pet projects of yours.  We are also deeply concerned that men who are falsely accused will have little legal protection.  Yet Republican counter-proposals were brushed aside, and those who favored them were tarred as being “anti-woman”

Another example is the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  Although Romney missed an opportunity to point this out during the second debate, (and discussed his binder instead) we are astute enough that women make different career and life decisions that affect their rate of pay.  They work fewer hours, choose less risky jobs, and jump in and out of the labor force.  We realize that extending the statute of limitations for a legal action into perpetuity would hamper an employer’s right to fight a frivolous lawsuit since people who were familiar with a particular situation would have long since departed from the company.  Another hindrance to an employer’s defense would be the provision for a third party to file a claim  even if the employee herself was happy with her job and never saw herself as a victim of discrimination; even, in fact  if the employee herself is deceased.  We don’t believe that dead people should vote, much less have relatives sue former employers on their behalf.  We feel that it should be companies who decide how to structure their pay scales and job descriptions, not government bean counters who know little about an employer’s business conditions.

Do you honestly think we give a damn about Mitt Romney’s binders or how clean Paul Ryan’s apron was at the soup kitchen?

Do you honestly think that we can’t see through the fact that your phony “War on Women” is a smokescreen to distract our attention to the real war you’re waging on our wallets…and on our way of life?

And one last thing, before I close…You have a whole lot of chutzpah to lecture OUR candidates and pundits about “misogynistic” comments.  You skewered Todd Akin for some uninformed comments about rape.  You had conniptions over Rush Limbaugh when he implied that one of your media darlings was a bit of a trollop.  Do I need to remind you that one of the keynote speakers at the Democratic Convention was a politician who not only was accused of rape and gross sexual misconduct with subordinates, but who sent his minions out to destroy the reputations of women who came forward with legitimate complaints about him?  You drool over this man like teenage girls salivate over Robert Pattinson.  I won’t mention any names, but does the term “bimbo eruptions” give you a clue?   Talk about a “war on women”!

We believe that Susanna Martinez and Mia Love represent our values and our lives, rather than Sandra Fluke (or any of you).

So you vote with your lady parts, and we’ll vote with my lady SMARTS…for the Republicans!


The conservative women who support Romney.