You can't say that!

I have been thinking much lately about the prospect of a President Obama. Having read excellent pieces by Mark Steyn(does he write any other kind?) and listening to my usual spate of talk radio, I find that there is one alarming portent of an Obama administration that I had not yet considered: that being the elimination of criticism of The One, were he to become President.

There was a time, some months ago, when Hillary Clinton screeched that we had the …“right to debate or disagree with any administration!” But I see the day coming, in a fashion similar to Michael Barone, where criticism of The One will not be allowed. It is already “racist!” to disagree with Candidate Obama. And if you can’t criticize Candidate Obama, how on earth will you be allowed to criticize President Obama? The answer of course is that you can won’t. Will Hillary Clinton ride to the defense of those with differing views? Not likely. Does anyone out there actually believe that if Obama were to be elected President, all the grievance mongers and race-card dealers will stop and pronounce the end of racism? That America will be finally and fully healed? Of course not. Those taking positions against Obama will be tarred and feathered as racist, at least initially. Never mind that those of us with genuine disagreements with Obama over his policies and experience (who did he work for as a “Community Organizer” anyway?) would like to be heard. We’ll all be racists, you see, and they may have to shut down that hate-filled talk radio that keeps egging us on, so that they can spare the rest of the populace from our “hate-filled rhetoric”.

When Michelle Obama told us :

“Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed”.

That was the mask slipping off. This is but a short list of the things that Barack will not allow, especially the going –back-to-your-lives-as-usual part. This brings to mind a particular scene from the movie “When Harry Met Sally”, wherein Sally vividly re-enacts her ability to fake it. Except this time, it’ll be real. The new movie is “When Harry Met Nancy”. With margins in the Senate and the House that will allow the passage of whatever Harry & Nancy want, it will be liberalism on parade, with Nancy squealing with delight after the passage of each previously-only-dreamt-of bill. And unfortunately for Obama, he will no longer be able to take each side of the fence on every issue; he will actually have to do something. Sign or don’t sign. Support or don’t support. Harry and Nancy will lead him in whatever direction they choose, which is mostly whatever direction Nancy chooses. He will gather an actual record, and it might even be subject to public scrutiny (Well, not by the MSM). If he supports a bill and you oppose it, you’re a racist, or not enlightened, or a member of the VRWC. Or all of the above. It won’t really matter.

Liberals have already been practicing the art of squelching debate and disagreement for years on college campuses, in public discourse, and so on. The transition to squelching debate on President Obama would be a natural progression. If Obama were to become President, he’ll likely have the highest approval rating of any President, ever.

No other situation could possibly be allowed.