Devastating Attack

For my first diary post of 2010, I want to talk about the terrorist attack on a US compound in Afghanistan on December 30. (noted by DrewM at Ace of Spades , who referred readers to the Wall Street Journal’s article on the attack ).

From the WSJ article, these facts:

  • ‘Wednesday’s attack on a U.S. compound in Afghanistan devastated what has been a hub of counterterrorism and intelligence operations for the spy agency.’
  • ‘Leon Panetta said’ it was ‘the second-largest single-day loss for the spy agency in its history’
  • ‘Among the casualties was the agency’s base chief’
  • ‘The Taliban claimed responsibility Thursday for the bombing, which was carried out by suicide bomber wearing an Afghan National Army uniform’
  • ‘the bomber may have been given access to the base because he was believed to be an informant’
  • ‘A number of the officers killed had been counterterrorism operatives since before the 9/11 attacks’ – note EXPERIENCED counterterrorism operatives
  • ‘The loss of seven officers is significant for a relatively small agency whose workforce is estimated to be 10,000 or more, but it’s all the more damaging because those lost represented so much collective experience’
  • ‘It could also sow mistrust between CIA officers and the Afghan operatives with whom they work closely, another former agency officer said. "This is a huge blow to the agency. It’s a close-knit group," the former officer said. "They’re not going to know who to trust now."’
  • ‘The attack in Afghanistan came during an already difficult week for the CIA, which has taken a beating in Washington with President Barack Obama issuing a blunt critique of intelligence failures in advance of the botched Christmas Day terrorist attack.’
  • ‘…the suicide bomber likely penetrated multiple layers of security before detonating the explosives’
  • ‘But CIA outposts on these bases are usually small—no more than 15 or maybe 20 people, so 13 casualties is likely a majority of the CIA base personnel’
  • ‘It would also mark the first time a suicide bomber managed to strike inside a U.S. facility in the country, a sign of the insurgents’ growing sophistication’

When you consider what these fallen and wounded heroes did and how secret it was supposed to be, this attack is possibly the biggest score on Americans for the terrorists since 9/11.   And in view of the Christmas Day Chunibomber attempt on a plane headed to Detroit, what does this administration do?  It subpoenas two travel bloggers for posting a leaked TSA travel directive! Not terrorists, but TRAVEL BLOGGERS !

Dear Lord, please save us from terrorists and these people who are supposed to protect us.

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