Boy, the TOTUS really stepped in it yesterday when he stated that a police officer “acted stupidly” when the officer, Sgt. James Crowley arrested an out-of-control Henry Louis Gates, for “disorderly conduct, accusing him of being uncooperative, refusing to initially provide identification and ‘exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior’ by repeatedly shouting at a policeman

Gates, director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African & African American Research at Harvard, should have thanked officer Crowley, who is known for training new officers on diversity training, for heaven’s sakes!  Instead, Mr. Gates disparaged a man of integrity and tolerance who was only trying to protect Gates’ property, as any person of reason would have immediately recognized.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs later tried to say that the President did not say that Crowley was stupid, but for goodness sakes, Crowley was the arresting officer!

Such vituperative and anger-provoking comments demean the office of President and demonstrate that this man knows NOTHING at all about being a leader.