Barack Obama shocked, I say shocked, to discover he has employees.

Hey, everyone under the bus – move over! It’s time to make room for the Minerals Management Service.

Dear Leader just discovered that government regulators and the oil company have been getting along well. He’s upset. He’s angry. He’s downright furious. He’s slamming those nasty corrupt government officials in every public forum. He’s as mad at them as he is at those evil corporate leeches.

And why not? Who could have anticipated that a major oil spill might involve political factors and government involvement? It’s certainly not his problem that this happened. But from the heat and anger, you’d almost think that he was in some way responsible.

Actually, of course, he is. Those “cozy regulators”? They work for Mr. Obama. That Secretary of the Interior? He works for Mr. Obama. For the past year and a half, pretty much the whole regulatory shooting match has belonged to him.

What do you say if your employees mail it in in a serious way and it causes a catastrophe? If you’re an auto manufacturer slow to respond to a safety issue, you have your CEO apologize and you pay the penalty. If you’re a drug manufacturer whose employees failed to control contamination in a major product, you apologize and you make it good. But if you’re the president of the only superpower left in the world and somebody in the rank and file seems to have created the appearance of impropriety combined with a really substantial technical foulup, it’s apparently time for tantrums, not-my-fault, and how-could-I-have-known. Or at least a really big blast of righteous anger, eagerly lapped up by the media, who without a trace of investigatory irony somehow have failed to notice who’s in charge of the whole rickety apparatus.

Hey, buddy. Yeah, you, Big Guy. You with the big white house and the cool personal jumbo jet.

They work for you. They’ve been your problem since you moved in. Kinda late in the game to pretend otherwise, isn’t it?