Attention: The Federal Government Wants Your Questions

Well, maybe not your questions, but they didn’t exactly say.

Tomorrow evening at 7:30 EDT, the federal government is sponsoring an “online chat” at healthreform.gov to answer “questions” about that monstrosity they just passed, signed, and will someday hire someone else to read.

I know this because I’m signed up for emails from this lovely site. This is the taxpayer-funded “.gov” official site featuring a full-out marketing campaign for so-called Health Care Reform. They’ve been baying in full voice for the past year on the subject. Yes, your dollars helped fund the echo chamber that pushed this dead, rotting horse over the line. See? You knew you were paying your taxes for a reason.

I looked on the site this morning (I do NOT recommend doing that before the first cup of coffee, by the way) and it seems curiously unwilling to advertise tomorrow’s event. I think they’re probably just shy.

So if you’d like to ask questions, like “what in the name of all that is holy do you honestly hope to gain through this lump of legislative toxic waste?”, you may have the opportunity.

Nobody says, of course, that they’ll actually take your questions or that they’ll answer them honestly. I fully expect they’ll be screening heavily. But it doesn’t mean we can’t ask…