Take the Gloves Off

Hey Folks. I want John McCain and Sarah Palin to take the gloves off and take the fight to them the way a boxer does. THe Democrats are not tough. They are whiners. We have to take the offensive to them where it hurts. They want to tax us to death and take away the American Dream. Their policies on energy have been shortsighted and have hurt their own country. We have been unable to drill and build refineries to keep oil cheap and keep prices of everything else down. Global warming is only a theory and has not been proven much like evolution is a just a theory and is not a fact. Now Barack Obama wants to steal the American Dream and take us to the socialist United States of America. We need our politicians to say this to Barack’s and joe’s faces/ If you tax the wealthy and the corporations too much . They will relocate their businesees overseas and foreign corporations will not invest here.Cheap oil is a key that keeps our prices down here helping to make our products affordable overseas. Also labor unions have helped to destroy the car industry by adding so much cost to a price of a car that foreign cars are cheaper and sell better. Alos , American car companies need to help theirselves and make better products and products that fit the times and market better. We do need other fuel alternatives but more oil supplies will buy us more time. Also nationalizing medical care will be a disaster. Canada and England have tried it and it is a failure there. People have to wait months on waiting lists to get tests done. We also have no more money to be taxed on. Republicans need to get back to their roots. We do need to regulate business enough to keep the greedy and unscrupulous from ruining the economy. Also term limits for congress needs to be done. We have congressman like Kennedy and barney frank who are pompous boobs who are corrupt and just let frddie mac reun amok. The republicans have their own issues and need to police things also better. It is time for America to get back to the basics. Religion and Christianity back into our schools because our kids are no geeting any rules to live by and turn out to be sexual criminals, drug addicts, and etc. Man is evil and we see the results every day. Time to take our country back. Thanks Barry Wynn