LATE NIGHT COMEDY BIAS: Obama loves Jon Stewart, but Stewart ignores Mark Levin, Jonah Goldberg, Katie Pavlich ("Fast & Furious)...

Obama Oozes ‘Jon Stewart’s Brilliant’ and ‘Amazing,’ More Credible Than ‘Conventional’ News –By: Tim Graham | April 25, 2012 | 14:33

What late night comedy bias, you say? I’ll show you.

When Barack Obama (D) goes on Jimmy Fallon’s show, he’s portrayed as Mr. Cool, with Fallon mouthing Democratic talking points.

When Michele Bachmann goes on Jimmy Fallon’s show, she’s greeted with the song “Lying Ass Bitch.”

Coincidence? Still not convinced that the late night “comedians” are all in the tank for Barack Obama?

Jonah Goldberg (Liberal Fascism) has a new book coming out, The Tyranny of Cliches. Even if you didn’t like the book (and no one’s read it yet), you’d want Jonah Goldberg on your show because it’s an election year, because he writes for The National Review, and because his opinion is of value.

Jon Stewart (Obama’s Mr. Brilliant) won’t have him on Stewart’s show. From Jonah Goldberg’s The Tyranny Blog at National Review Online:

No Rematch, Alas
By Jonah Goldberg
April 15, 2012 2:25 P.M.
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Well, I got the word that “The Daily Show” has taken a pass on having me on to talk Tyranny of Cliches. The explanation that was passed on to me was that the book is too “one-sided” and that they don’t do books like that. As far as I can tell, that’s nonsense.

Of course, the show is free to have on whoever they want. I was just a little surprised. My last outing on the Daily Show was rather famous. Stewart went after me hammer and tongs for nearly 20 minutes and then they cut it down to five or six minutes, in ways — I’ve been told (I’ve never watched it) — that were quite friendly to Stewart (Here’s Mark Hemingway’s response at the time). I was hardly great, and I certainly should have prepared myself for such a hostile interview so early in the book tour. But Stewart was a mess.

Still not convinced that the late night “comedians” are all in the tank for Barack Obama?

Mark Levin has a popular radio show. Mark Levin is the bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia. As far as I can recall, Levin has not appeared on Jon Stewart’s show or Stephen Colbert’s show. Levin has also been banned or blacklisted by most every other MSM outlet that regularly features authors. There’s absolutely no excuse for that.

Still not convinced that the late night “comedians” are all in the tank for Barack Obama?

See Katie Pavlich Takes on Fast and Furious, Erick Erickson’s April 5th RedState article:

Katie Pavlich, Townhall’s News Editor, has a book out entitled Fast And Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up.

I think the media has spent more time doctoring 911 calls in the Trayvon Martin matter than focusing on what has happened along the border with Mexico. There has been some coverage and it probably would not have come to light except for CBS News’s initial reporting, but the scandal — and it is a scandal — has mostly flown under the radar.

In fact, the whole war on our Southern border, the kidnappings and killings spilling over into our country, etc. really have not made major, sustained national news.

I’ve been waiting for Katie Pavlich to be interviewed by Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. It appears that she’s not been invited on either show. Because, really, why would you want to talk intelligently on an Obama administration scandal and destroy the late night Obama-is-wonderful narrative?

Several weeks ago, Stephen Colbert did interview conservative author Charles Murray, who has a new book called Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. The interview did not go well.

Colbert brought up ancient Media Matters talking points on The Bell Curve. Murray said that those were old, false talking points that had nothing to do with his writing. Colbert proudly declared that he hadn’t read any of Murray’s books.

Jonah Lehrer, for example, wrote the book Imagine: How Creativity Works and recently appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show, again using an alleged Albert Einstein quote on creavity that Einstein never said. There are 95 Google News hits for Lehrer and his book, compared to just 31 Google News hits for Katie Pavlich and her book on Fast & Furious. Clearly, a muddled book on “creativity” is at least three times more important to the MSM than a new book on an Obama administration scandal with at least one dead body.

The late night “comedians” told lazy Republican “jokes” all through primary season. There were nightly Rick Santorum sex “jokes.” There were “jokes” about Michele Bachmann’s husband appearing gay. There were “jokes” about Mitt Romney’s sons. (Hey, aren’t families supposed to be off limits?) There were lazy Newt-is-fat jokes. Every night, over and over, rinse and repeat the same jokes.

Now that the primary is over and it’s Mitt Romney against Barack Obama, the late night comedy shows appear to have lost all oxygen to breathe. They can’t and won’t make fun of Barack Obama. The Mitt Romney “jokes” are all super stale by now. There’s only the issues, such as the five trillion dollars that Obama has added to our national deficit. But there’s not one joke to be told there!

The GSA and Secret Service scandals should hae provided some fodder for comedy, but the late night comedians weren’t too interested in these Obama administration scandals.

I watched last night’s shows (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel) and it was a sad sight to see of all filler material. It felt like they were dying for the next Amy Fisher-Joey Buttafuoco nonsense (my classic MSM example of media drivel) to occupy the news for the next seven months.

Here’s a challenge, my late night unbiased ones. Cover the issues in a fair manner. Discuss “Fast & Furious” and stop avoiding it. Discuss what a $16 trillion deficit means. Discuss the economic riots in Greece and Spain that soon might be coming here. Discuss the next round of terrorism planned by Van Jones and the “Occupy” crowd.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke today, but no late night comedian found anything funny to say about him. You know why? Because here’s a dirty little secret–the late night smart ones have no clue about our financial system to even prepare to make the jokes!

Social Security going bankrupt? Medicare going bankrupt? No jokes there!

Hey! Mitt Romney put a dog on the roof of his car thirty years ago!!!!

We have Barack Obama saying he adores the late night comedians and we have Jimmy Fallon mouthing Democratic talking points. Conservative authors such as Mark Levin, Jonah Goldberg and Katie Pavlich have apparently been blacklisted.

The Mitt Romney “jokes” are already ancient and the late night comedians are scrambling for material.

However, if any of them would see the truth about America, there is plenty of material to talk about. There are issues that affect all of our lives and the very future of our country. USE IT!