NY1: 24-hour New York news and nothing on Anthony Weiner?

Greetings from New York City. Yeah, I’m back during the Memorial Day Weekend as the kids see the relatives. One television channel that I used to watch (before I moved to Texas) was NY1 News, the 24-hour news channel.

We had the channel on while some relatives came over. I was curious that there wasn’t a single news story about Anthony Weiner, the Democrat Congressman from New York.

I went to NY1.com and typed “Anthony Weiner” in the search box. The “Weinergate” story hasn’t been covered by the channel at all!

Now, a real 24-hour news channel would not only cover this story, but it would be right on top of it. You’d hear updates.

Is it little wonder that when NY1 (owned by Time Warner) was started, it was called the David DInkins channel? (Dinkins was mayor of NYC and his son got some cable positions somehow.)

There are no Republican Congressman from New York City anymore, but does anyone really believe that NY1 would provide the same cover for a Republican?

This is the same “news” network that, when I was running for Manhattan Borough President in 2005, had my opponent on and not me. NY1 wouldn’t even reply to me.

I’m checking the online New York Times. There is an article! Let’s check the name “Gennette Cordova.” No hits. Not fit to print, I guess.

Let’s check Rachel Maddow’s blog. There’s this from Friday:

Ahead on the 5/27 Maddow show
By Julia Nutter – Fri May 27, 2011 6:55 PM EDT.Tonight’s guests include:
Rep. Anthony Weiner, (D) New York

And then there’s nothing else. Not a single soul on The Rachel Maddow Show knows about this, or has anything to say about it? We’ll check back soon, but that Rachel Maddow, she always gets to the truth about Democratic scandals, doesn’t she?

New York City news, as lame and as biased as ever.

How can a 24-hour news channel avoid real news? Are these NY! guys rehearsing for jobs at CNN?