MSNBC's Ed Schultz must go

It’s no secret that MSNBC’s The Ed Show is terrible, but Thursday’s show was something else. Comcast, why oh why do you allow this partisan liar on television?

I know what you’re thinking. Barry, how can any Ed Schultz show possibly break any records for shear awfulness? Didn’t we all read “Bozell Column: Fact-Challenged Ed Schultz” in Newsbusters on May 10th?

Barry, didn’t Wednesday’s show discuss Common’s visit to the White House by bringing on that noted race expert, Al Sharpton? How can any show possibly top the Ed Schultz-Al Sharpton pairing of race-baiting awfulness?

Barry, didn’t we just read “Ed Schultz faces $100,000 lawsuit from NBC employee” in The Daily Caller on May 11th? The lowlife liberal stiffs his friends. How can you beat that?

I dunno. The guy should be off the air. I happen to have had my tv on while researching the slang origins of “fiatsco” (fiat money + fiasco). All I can say is that Thursday’s show was stunningly bad.

For example, Michele Bachmann tweeted about Osama bin Laden, “We got him!” Pretty harmless, right? Ed Schultz went off on this for 6:49 minutes!

See “Bachmann gives herself credit for bin Laden raid.” “WE got him?” Ed Schultz said, over and over. Yes, Special Ed. “We.” The American people. I know Schultz is an Obama boot-licker (even on the Libyan war), but man, let it go! Michele Bachmann was photoshopped into that famous staged Situation Room photo. On and on the segment went, without a point.

There was another senseless segment (5:39 minutes) about Common at the White House.

What really got me riled up was the demonization of capitalism, as exemplified by the oil companies. See the 14:45 minute segment, “Big oil rallies for tax breaks.”

The Ed Show runs silly polls, and Thursday’s viewers were asked something like, “Do you think big oil companies should get tax breaks, or should the money go to Medicare to help our elderly?” What a poll! Should we give money to Greedy McGreed, or should we kill grandma?

First off, the “big oil subsidies” total only four billion dollars. Medicare/Medicaid is TRILLIONS of dollars in unfunded liabilities. Schultz makes a viewer poll that equates money amounts that are not at all equal.

Second, Mark Levin has pointed out that the four billion dollars is not a gift–it’s a depreciation write-off for those who drill for oil in the United States. We’re encouraging domestic oil production. The big oil companies haven’t received most of it; it mostly goes to “small” oil companies.

But the kicker of all was when Ed Schultz declared that the oil companies should give up 1% of their profits “to help pay down the deficit.”

Maybe I didn’t hear that right. It hasn’t created any stir on the internet. Maybe it’s because no one with a brain watches his show. Did Ed Schultz just advocate taking the earnings of private companies?

He approached the viewer with how reasonable his plan was. These big oil companies are making so much money–don’t you think we should take just one percent of it?

Why don’t we take one percent of Ed Schultz’s salary and give it to–I don’t know, how about Barry Popik? Barry has some health bills he’s gotta pay. What do you say, Eddie boy? Surely, my use of your money is better than you can use it on yourself? If we’re going to be unconstitutionally redistributing private wealth, why don’t we start with you?

Don’t miss Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard’s fine work of yesterday, “Maddow Falsely Claims Black Juror Booted From Murder Trial for Protesting Confederate Flag at Courthouse.” Maddow played a race card that wasn’t there. Maddow surely read the piece and, as expected, there was no correction or apology on today’s show.

How does Ed Schultz have a show in primetime on a major cable news network? How does Comcast not fire this guy?

Wednesday’s race-baiting with Al Sharpton was bad.

On Thursday, Ed Schultz openly called for the redistribution of private wealth, in violation of the Constitution of the United States. He called for something ILLEGAL.

Ed Schultz must go.