GLENN BECK BOMBSHELL THIS WEEK?: Videotape of people planning U.S. destruction

This could be very big. Who knows?

From The Right Scoop:

Glenn Beck Show – March 21, 2011
Posted by The Right Scoop on Mar 21, 2011 in Politics
Glenn was in classic form tonight, beginning the show using Star Trek to explain “Good vs. Evil”. The days of playing left and right are over. We have allowed ourselves to become pawns in someone else’s game for power. This week promises to be an explosive one on the Glenn Beck Program…Glenn and staff will be breaking a huge story this week that will blow your mind. We are talking about people on tape planning the overthrow of the United States government. You will simply not believe your eyes… Do not miss a single episode this week.

I believe Beck said the video was of people who are planning to collapse the economy (not a violent overthrow of the government). It won’t be hard to collapse the economy. We’re broke and our president just keeps on spending, partying, and declaring wars.

Yes, I support the tea party, but I feel so helpless to see the (intentional?) destruction of my country.

I’ve pointed out here that not a single person (outside of Bernie Madoff, who turned himself in) who brought down our economy has gone to jail.

I waited to see what kind of reward (!) Chris Dodd would get for ruining our economy. Dodd has been named chairman and chief executive of the Motion Picture Association of America, despite the fact that he knows almost nothing about movies. Who said that Hollywood was liberal?

Almost every government statistic is bogus, from Obamacare numbers to everything else. There was a story this week: “CBO: Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion.” Mark Levin scoffed. Obama’s people didn’t “understate” the numbers–they’re LYING!

The unemployment figure, as we all know, doesn’t count the long-term unemployed who’ve given up looking. The real unemployment figure is much higher.

CPI (Consumer Price Index) figures are usually looked at to monitor inflation, but they’ve been doctored, too. From Zero Hedge and Phil’s Stock World:

Barron’s Backs Me Up!
Submitted by ilene on 03/21/2011 11:56 -0400
Speaking of inflation – let’s consider this chart (from Doug Short) and what complete and utter bullsh-t the CPI is! Very simply, without looking at anything else – it’s housing. Housing is 42% of the CPI and declining housing costs have masked rising inflation for 5 years now.

Does a lower price of a new home lower your mortgage payment? Does it lower your monthly rent? Of course not. Not only that but, as many of us have noticed – property taxes are skyrocketing as local governments struggle to offset decreasing income and sales tax revenues and that is not a factor in the CPI either!

Between that and the asinine fact that the Fed excludes food and energy from their calculations of “core” CPI and this index becomes a joke of a joke – but that’s the perfect tool for determining our very ridiculous fiscal policies, isn’t it? That’s all I’m going to say about it though – I’m trying to see how far I can get in this post without getting all pissed about politics. Unfortunately – the more I read – the angrier I get. I’m kind of like The Hulk that way…

Barack Obama prides himself that the stock market is going up. Zero Hedge today notes “Volume Is Back…To Abysmal.” No one is trading. What’s keeping the stock market afloat is the Fed printing trillions. Insiders have almost all been selling, as Zero Hedge has pointed out for months now. Not a good sign.

So, in a world where Obamacare numbers are lies, the unemployment rate figure is a lie, the CPI is a lie, the stock market is a lie, we have annual record trillion-dollar deficits, and the Fed prints trillions out of nothing, Glenn Beck has the goods that someone is intentionally trying to destroy the U.S. economy?

It will be interesting to watch, but don’t we already know this?