MSNBC WATCH: NPR? 1,328,381 ObamaCare waivers? Indefinite detention? We're not interested!

How does an American political news network not cover today’s NPR story at all?

OK, maybe yesterday they didn’t want to jump on James O’Keefe’s undercover video. But today? After the two NPR Schillers resign? ABC’s Nightline covered it today. The Daily Show covered it today. Still nothing from all of MSNBC’s primetime shows?

There was nonstop MSNBC coverage of the Wisconsin 14, as if they were the Chilean miners. One of them claimed that what’s happening now in Wisconsin is undemocratic. A normal new host would say, “Dude, you ran away and left the state–abandoning the job you were elected to perform–and you’re calling something undemocratic?”

Here are a few stories on HotAir:

Undercover video: NPR exec says NPR would be “far better off” without federal funds
posted at 8:48 am on March 8, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

Breaking: NPR board ousts Vivian Schiller
posted at 9:56 am on March 9, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

Ron Schiller now out at Aspen Institute
posted at 12:21 pm on March 9, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

I thought to myself, there’s just no way that MSNBC can ignore everything! They can’t possibly be that dishonest.

MSNBC is that dishonest! The NPR story did make the NBC Nightly News, but no MSNBC “star” thought it was worth discussing in any depth at all.

Softball with Chris Matthews attacked the usual Republicans, ending with Matthews’ final comment about Gingrich and Huckabee. Matthews’ final comment almost always seems to be about a Republican–never a criticism of the president.

The Ed Show was almost complete Wisconsin coverage, but did have a segment, “Wall Street vs. working Americans.”

The Rachel Maddow Show was almost the same show as The Ed Show in its Wisconsin coverage. The “special guest” was Michael Moore, who claimed that America is not bankrupt. We’re a rich country, Moore said, but we’re being robbed by the Wall Street banksters. Maddow did a similar socialistic anti-Wall Street segment before Moore came on.

What Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow and Michael Moore won’t tell you is that the President is Barack Obama (D), the Treasury Secretary is Tim Geithner (D), and WALL STREET IS NOT REPUBLICAN. WALL STREET IS GETTING MONEY FROM DEMOCRATS AND KICKING IT BACK TO DEMOCRATS.

Incredibly dishonest.

On The Maddow Blog, “Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight’s show.” There’s a story or two mentioned that the Wisconsin cheerleading bumped. There was never any intent to cover NPR at all; there’s not even a blog post about it.

Media Matters normally would do several stories on the events at NPR (if it had been, say, Fox News), but provided only one, off-to-the-side reminder that James O’Keefe is a serial liar. So, Media Matters, why on earth did the NPR CEO resign?

Here’s another story MSNBC didn’t cover at all. From HotAir:

Great news: HHS adds 1,328,381 waivers to ObamaCare
posted at 1:36 pm on March 9, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

Here’s another story MSNBC didn’t cover at all. From HotAir:

New Obama EO establishes indefinite detention at Gitmo
posted at 1:36 pm on March 8, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

Rachel Maddow has done constant cheerleading for Egypt “democratic” revolution. Here’s another story MSNBC didn’t cover at all. From Gateway Pundit:

Shocker. Women Groped & Beaten at Women’s Rights Rally in Tahrir Square
Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 9:59 AM

Here is the story of our time, but no one at MSNBC has touched it. From Gateway Pundit:

Fail. Obama Posts LARGEST MONTHLY DEFICIT EVER… Larger Than Bush 2007 Deficit For Entire Year
Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, March 7, 2011, 11:47 AM

February, by the way, is the shortest month on the calendar. This administration and the media coverup are hurting this country so badly that I want to cry.

I said to myself that there would be no possible way for every single MSNBC show to ignore the NPR story today.

And MSNBC completely ignored the politically damaging story, as if it had never happened.