MSNBC WATCH: Ed Schultz calls Limbaugh a fat ass; Rachel Maddow lies again

MSNBC was my background noise again on Friday as I added the words “fleebagger” and “fleabagger” to the political lexicon. The channel is as bad as ever, and the events in Wisconsin make the biases even more clear.

Ed Schultz’s show usually takes off on Fridays for some crazed MSNBC jail crap, but he did a special on-location show from Madison, Wisconsin. It wasn’t a news show at all, though. It was union cheerleading all the way.

Here’s the dirty little secret. Wisconsin’s teachers get a combined salary and benefits annual package worth $89,500. The average Wisconsin worker has a combined salary and benefits annual package worth $61,000. Wisconsin is paying about 50% above the prevailing wages for its “government talent.”

MSNBC will never tell you those numbers, of course.

The standard MSNBC line is that there is really no fiscal crisis anywhere that’s being caused by outrageous public employee pensions and benefits. And if there is a fiscal crisis, why don’t we just raise taxes a little more on the rich to pay for it all?

Ed Schultz says he’s for the working man, and he showed the hard working union people. But don’t the $61,000-earning private citizens also work hard? Why should their taxes be raised to sustain the inequality?

No one at MSNBC questioned why teachers all called in sick when they weren’t sick. No one at MSNBC questioned the teachers dragging the students to the rallies. No one at MSNBC saw some of the violent rhetoric on the signs. This is horribly inappropriate.

Rachel Maddow has promoted the heck out of Ed Schultz ever since Keith Olbermann left. “No one tells me to do this, but watch Ed’s show today,” Maddow told her listeners. Shameless.

Ed Schultz played some Rush Limbaugh red meat sound bites to the all-union crowd. Schultz got started by calling Limbaugh “the drugster.” (Obama used cocaine, but you’d never call him a drugster in 100 years, would you, Ed?)

After a long set-up to rise up the crowd, Schultz said:

“Hey, Rush! Why don’t you wrap your fat ass in the flag?”

How is Ed Schultz not fired? What news channel allows its anchors to call people fat asses?

Schultz previously called Chris Christie fat, and then was told to look in the mirror. Schultz admitted he’s fat and he shouldn’t be calling people fat–an apology more sincere than Rachel Maddow ever makes. So he does the same mistake again?

Jesse Jackson was introduced to the crowd to great applause. Oh, what a hero! I can’t take MSNBC as background noise with mega-crap like this.

Schultz then interviewed the executive director of the Wisconsin Council of Churches and asked if Jesus would have stood with this union crowd. MSNBC is just that bad!

Remember how Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made a fool of himself and told Congress tthat the Muslim Brotherhood was a harmless secular organization? Any news network would show that, right? Not MSNBC!

Remember how Obama’s own Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that Obama’s budget is fiscally unsustainable? Not news on MSNBC!

So here you have a Democratic president who ignores his own hand-picked deficit commission’s recommendations and makes a budget that does absolutely nothing to tackle entitlements. Does MSNBC attack the president for it? Of course not! You attack the Republican Speaker of the House, in office for lass than 50 days!

Rachel Maddow, as MSNBC constantly reminds us, works tirelessly to find out what’s true in the world.

According the lefty Politifact, however, she told exactly one “true” statement, but four “false” statements. Here’s one false statement from February 17th: “Despite what you may have heard about Wisconsin’s finances, the state is on track to have a budget surplus this year.”

Some websites (Mediaite and Business Insider) were surprised when Politifact judged “false” a statement she’d made on David Letterman last December: “Fox News ‘said the New Black Panther Party decided the election for Barack Obama.'” Actually, Maddow told several other whoppers during that interview that Politifact didn’t bother to check. Maddow said that Fox News promoted the Shirley Sherrod story and forced her dismissal, but Glenn Beck didn’t even cover the story that day and Bret Baier and Bill O’Reilly went on the air with the story after she’d been fired. A complete Maddow whopper of a lie, as anyone who watches Fox News knows.

Guess what? Maddow attacked Glenn Beck and Fox News again on Friday’s show! Glenn Beck talked yesterday about the 12th Imam, something that the leaders of Iran believe. Beck said that the concept is similar to the return of Christ and the anti-Christ. Does super-smart Rachel Maddow call the leaders of Iran crazy? Of course not. Does she call fanatical Muslims crazy? Of course not. Glenn Beck is crazy. Fox News is crazy. Conservatives are crazy. Maddow then misinformed that Beck tied this to the protests in Wisconsin. Glenn Beck never said that Iran’s 12th Imam had anything to do with Wisconsin.

Maddow believes that Scott Walker’s tactic is to break the unions and not simply to balance the state budget. Republicans want to break unions because the union fork money over to elect Democrats. If the Republicans succeed, big bad Republican business money will decide every election. The poor Democrats will be left to raising money at bake sales. “Billionaires or bake sales?” Maddow asked yesterday.

Hey Rachel, who does billionaire “Medal of Freedom” winner Warren Buffet support? Obama. Where’s Obama now? Shaking down Google and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for cash. Who do the Wall Street bailout kings support? Obama. The hedge fund managers? Obama. Obama’s out there shaking millions of dollars from his good Wall Street friends. As Matt Taibbi writes in Rolling Stone, “Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?” They would be the second they start supporting Republicans!

Bake sales, Rachel? Oh, the poor millionaire Democrats!

The MSNBC Wisconsin cheerleading is just too much.

Rachel Maddow’s lies are too much.

Ed Schultz’s “fat ass” comments are too much.

Comcast, are you watching what you own?