MSNBC WATCH: We've got David Frum! On TWO shows! Ratings, here we come!

David Frum? On TWO shows this Monday? Is that the best ya got, MSNBC?

Yes, Wikipedia tells us that David Frum used to be a George W. Bush speechwriter. Frum edits the FrumForum.

If RedState readers think of David Frum at all, it might be from this RedState post:

David Frum Co-Founds “No Labels” Then Labels Some Politicians and Pundits As “Reckless”
Posted by Mark Meed
Tuesday, December 7th at 10:32AM EST
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Here are two comments:

So CHILF-Boy Isn’t Into labelling?
Repair_Man_Jack Tuesday, December 7th at 10:39AM EST
How quaint. Has David Frum *ever* been actually useful to the GOP or to Conservatism in general? Why hasn’t he been completely disinvited fromt he movement? The greatest service he could provide American Conservatism in 2012 would be his unabashed endorsement of Barack Obama. He is as loyal and useful to our cause as Arlen Specter and Lincloln Chafee.

Frum has been disinvited
scorpio0679 Wednesday, December 8th at 4:11PM EST
but the “conservative” label helps score him interviews on MSNBC

Did MSNBC suddenly run out of people from Mother Jones and The Nation? Does anyone read Mother Jones and The Nation?

On The Rachel Maddow Show, Christopher Hayes (from The Nation, dontcha know) filled in. I first thought he was some annoying kid I knew in junior high school. However, the more Chris Hayes has been sub-hosting lately, the more grating he’s become.

There was a 12:38-minute chat with David Frum about the federal debt ceiling.

On The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Frum came on for a 5:06-minute chat about Sarah Palin. O’Donnell again ran his “psycho scroll” at the bottom, listing failed VP candidates of a major party who never became president.

If David Frum is the type of thing MSNBC will be featuring in 2011, maybe I’ll give CNN another chance.

Hayes ended The Rachel Maddow Show with “Mythunderstanding.” He acknowledged that states “allegedly” have no money, but he refused to placed the blame on public sector unions.

When Hayes first filled in and did this exact same segment a few weeks ago, I wrote that he was merely delusional. But now I’m really angry. He’s not only completely wrong, but he’s aggressively wrong and happy about it.

I’m a lawyer. I’ve been admitted in both NY and TX. I went to college for four years and to law school for three years. When I worked as a parking violations judge for New York City, I made much less than a teacher’s salary, and I received no healthcare benefits and no pension benefits. I made less than a transit worker with little or no formal education at all. Did you know that judges are “per diem independent contractors,” although I worked every day? Did you know that state law says that parking judges (and just parking judges) can’t unionize? Did you know that the teachers union and the transit workers union are just about the most powerful unions in New York?

As I pointed out, even the New York Times long ago came around to the obvious realization that New York’s municipal pension bomb was very real.

New York State Govenor Andrew Cuomo–hardly a Republican–made a wage freeze for state workers one of his first acts as governor.

Chris Hayes might have on a guest who can challenge his illusions, but of course, he’ll never have on a guest like that. Anyone from the Manhattan Institute, for example, could slap him silly with the economic numbers.

There was one positive in MSNBC’s night, in this next item, and it was completely unexpected.

Chris Hayes, right on cue, bashed Chris Christie. Did I tell you how much I detest Chris Hayes? Why the hell is he on tv?

Keith Olbermann’s Countdown made Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg the “Worst Persons in the World.”

Hardball’s Chris Matthews made a few brief Chris Christie digs.

The Ed Show with Crazy Eddie led off with attacking Chris Christie. I expected nothing less from the unwatchable lefty hack Ed Schultz.

Only Lawrence O’Donnell–the socialist Lawrence O’Donnell, of all people–offered a refreshing bit of cynicism to the snow story. Executives, he said, don’t know anything about snow removal. They hire heads of departments of transportation who think about this all the time. When Newark Mayor Cory Booker shovels snow, it’s all for show and the tv cameras. Chris Christie was in electronic contact with his people all the time.

“All mayors and governors can really do during a blizzard is to pretend to be helpful. They know nothing more about snow removal than you or I do. And if you vote for them based on what they pretend to know about snow removal, then you have been played for a fool. Cities and states above the Mason-Dixon line have professionals on their payrolls who think about snow removal all the time. (…) As Govenor Christie correctly said, 95% of the state roads were absolutely cleared by Tuesday morning. Which is exactly as long as it would have taken if Chris Christie was in New Jersey posing for phoney photo ops on snow plows like some of his predecessors.”

Watch it. Lawrence O’Donnell really surprised me. He said he wasn’t defending Chris Christie so much as he was attacking fake political photo ops.

I disagree somewhat. NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani worked with his transportation commissioner and had a better plan in place than Bloomberg did. Giuliani never would have let the buses run and be left stranded in the snow on major city avenues. Bloomberg gambled badly when he cut back on snow removal, figuring it would be an easier fiscal bet than cuts to teachers. The snow came and Bloomberg lost the bet.

If your transportation commissioner is on the job and has the tools to do that job, an executive can plan a Christmas vacation with his family.

The MSNBC Chris Christie attacks were expected. Lawrence O’Donnell’s attack on those who demanded Cory Booker-like fake photo ops from Chris Christie was a completely unexpected and welcome commentary.

An embarrassing double David Frum night from MSNBC, saved (somewhat) only by a rare moment of cynical sanity from Lawrence O’Donnell.