MSNBC WATCH: What Rachel Maddow said to David Letterman.

Have I said over and over again that I hate hypocrisy? Have I said over and over again that Rachel Maddow is beyond stupid in failing to acknowledge MSNBC’s Democratic partisanship? Maddow did it again on David Letterman’s show.

From the Los Angeles Times:

About (Late) Last Night: Rachel Maddow and David Letterman take on Fox News
December 16, 2010 | 7:08 am
David Letterman and Rachel Maddow are likely allies when it comes to the war against Fox News. On Wednesday night’s episode of the “Late Show,” the MSNBC host gladly took Letterman’s bait to criticize the network, just a week after Fox News host Bill O’Reilly — a “blowhard” in Letterman’s words — sat in the same guest chair.
Letterman went on to call Rush Limbaugh a “fatty” as he struggled, perhaps in jest, to remember the radio host’s name before referring to Glenn Beck as a “loony.” But in regards to Beck, Maddow had some kind words.

“He was the most talented radio personality of my entire generation,” she said. “He was incredibly performative.” And now? “He mostly just talks about himself, and it’s not as fun,” she said.

Maddow was also Letterman’s guest in August. Maddow’s shows next week will be from Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y(MHA)–a sympathetic place. Maddow herself very rarely covers anti-Semitism stories, or any stories about Israel.

Let’s get right to the interview:

LETTERMAN: I remember there was a guy (on Fox News) who was makin’ up stories…

I hate this old clown. Hey, Letterman, you want a story? I dedicated your block “Big Apple Corner” many years ago. The guy who gave the city that nickname lived on your block. He’s buried in an unmarked grave. He was a colleague of Ed Sullivan–your theater’s name. But let’s get back to Rachel Maddow…

MADDOW: We are much more true than Fox is true. (…) They make up stories out of whole cloth and then make a big deal out of them.

Stories like–?

MADDOW: They said the New Black Panther Party decided the election for Barack Obama. (…) That was fake.

Uh, no. Fox said (and it’s on tape, as you know) that the New Black Panther Party intimidated voters at the polls. It was a slam dunk case until Eric Holder’s Justice Department dropped it. A DOJ lawyer (Christian Adams) was told that the case was dropped on racial grounds. While in the grand scheme of things this would not have decided the 2008 election, this is a horrible miscarriage of justice. MSNBC just laughed the story off.

MADDOW: The Shirley Sherrod story that they really hyped. That was fake.

Another lie! Bill O’Reilly and Bret Baier went over this numerous times. Sherrod was fired by the Obama administration before any Fox News story aired. Maddow will apologize to Fox News–ah, never.

MADDOW: The guy dressed up as the pimp in the ACORN scandal. That was actually fake.

I’ll agree that this type of undercover journalism went a little too far for me, but the ACORN prosecution in Troy, NY and prosecutions in other places are certainly real.

MADDOW: Fox (exists) to elect candidates. And there’s nothing like that on the left.

Maddow, take your medications or get off what you’re taking! There’s nothing like that on the left? Ever hear of George Soros and his millions? Ever hear of MoveOn.org? Ever hear of ThinkProgress? Ever hear of the Center for American Progress? Ever tune in to MSNBC and watch Keith Olbermann or Ed Schultz? Ever listen to the failed Air America? Ever watch your show? There’s nothing like that on the left?

LETTERMAN: And I think they (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck) will tell you that they have a little of the blowhard in them.

Too bad the interview wasn’t long enough to trot out Letterman’s Sarah Palin jokes. Do people still watch Letterman? Why?

Rachel Maddow covers LGBT stories almost every show; she recently had a Uganda “kill the gays bill” guy on the show, whom she tied to some Republicans. But here, from Debbie Schlussel, is an example of a story that Maddow just won’t ever cover:

December 15, 2010, – 3:40 pm
World Cup Soccer Chief Endorses Sharia!
Tells Gays “No Sex” @ Qatar World Cup

By Debbie Schlussel

Qatar won the World Cup and is already telling gays that they’re not welcome! Some countries in the Muslim world today do kill gay people. But Maddow just won’t cover any of that because they’re not Republicans.

Here’s another story Maddow won’t cover, from Business Insider:

Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden: The U.S. Is Free Falling Into Bankruptcy
Adam Taggart, Chrismartenson.com | Dec. 15, 2010, 10:00 PM

Seems like an important story to me. But in Liberal land, there’s always money to fund this cause or that cause. How about pointing out the pork–MOSTLY DEMOCRATIC PORK–in the omnibus spending bill? No, not on MSNBC!

You’ll never see on MSNBC a story like this, from the New York Post:

$8B Dem pork ‘n’ schemes
Yule budget stuffing

By S.A. MILLER Post Correspondent
Last Updated: 5:09 AM, December 15, 2010
WASHINGTON — Congress couldn’t resist one more dip in the pork trough.

Senate Democrats yesterday unveiled a $1.1 trillion catchall spending bill for 2011 — its 1,900-plus pages stuffed with thousands of pork-barrel projects requested by lawmakers.

It included 6,600 pet projects worth $8 billion, according to a preliminary analysis by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

The mammoth pork package would dole out $80 million to preserve Pacific salmon, $4 million to kill marijuana plants in Kentucky, $2.5 million for bike paths in Illinois, and $165,000 for “maple research” in Vermont.

And you’ll never see Maddow report a story like this, from Investor’s Business Daily:

U.S. current account gap widens
Posted 12/16/2010 06:56 PM ET
The deficit in the current account, the broadest measure of U.S. trade, widened by 3.3% in Q3 to $127.2 bil as Americans bought more imported goods, the Commerce Dept. said. It was the 5th straight increase and the biggest deficit since late ’08.

No, you’ll hear that John Boehner is banning overly breakable biodegradeable plastic forks from Congress. She’ll flap her arms and laugh at Republicans once more.

Last Saturday morning, I posted here: “MSNBC WATCH: Rachel Maddow corrects her mistakes? maybe not.” Maddow had gloated on Thursday that she correctly predicted that Christine O’Donnell would host a Fox News show. Mediaite spoke to Fox & Friends and confirmed that O’Donnell would NOT be hosting the show. Friday went by without a mention of the controversy. Monday went by without mention–how difficult is it to contact Fox & Friends?

Maddow did offer a “correction” on Tuesday–by ripping Christine O’Donnell, where Roll Call allegedly got its misinformation. “After we reported it on the tv machine, Fox News told a conservative tv columnist that Christine O’Donnell was doing no such thing.” Mediaite is conservative? Fox News didn’t just tell Mediaite–it told a “conservative tv columnist.” Maddow laughed at the fight between Fox & Friends and Christine O’Donnell. So Maddow can get a story wrong and have it both ways: gloat during the original incorrect story and gloat again in the “correction.”

Yesterday, I cited a story from Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft about a supposed $48 billion earmark from Congressman Emanuel Cleaver. When the story was debunked by the Wall Street Journal, I posted that as a comment that same afternoon. I didn’t wait a weekend and three business days. And I don’t get paid and have a Maddow-like staff.

If Maddow says that Fox News just makes stuff up one more time, if Maddow says that she’s a real newswoman one more time, if Maddow says that MSNBC is a news organization one more time, I think I’ll shoot the television.