MSNBC WATCH: Rachel Maddow corrects her mistakes? Maybe not.

The Olberdouche cited the RedState “Did You Vote Republican For Nothing?” post. In a next-day story about Sarah Palin’s allegedly tanking book sales, KO said that soon “The books will be selling for fifty cents at Red State and NewsMax.”

The first mention led to this RedState discussion:

So all 4 or 5 people watching Olbergoober are you republicans?
Jim Tomasik Wednesday, December 8th at 9:37PM EST
Why are you watching him? Did they ban porn on the the internet or something?
Let me check… Nope. That’s not it.

The Keith Olbermann Comedy Hour is the funniest show on television. It’s no secret that I’ve been writing many “MSNBC Watch” posts here at RedState. I publish a Political Glossary and I try to record the language of both Republicans and Democrats.

I’ll accept that if Barry Popik points out an error, Maddow will ignore it. She’s not going to tell her viewers that Gandhi never said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” She’s not going to tell her viewers that Tip O’Neill (by his own admission) never coined “All politics is local.” Both Gandhi and Tip O’Neill are dead, so no worries!

But you’d think she would pay some attention to Mediaite, which someone on her show must have read:

Fox News: Maddow Is Wrong, Christine O’Donnell Is NOT Hosting Fox & FriendsColby Hall | 7:59 am, December 10th, 2010
First rule of gloating? Get your facts straight, else you’ll look the fool. Case in point: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s recurring Debunktion Junction segment in which she explores the veracity of rumors and stories on her radar. Last night she was very proud to confirm a Roll Call report that former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell would be guest hosting Fox & Friends during the week that follows Christmas. Turns out that, according to a Fox News spokesperson, this report is in fact, untrue. (Sad trombone sound.)

One comment:

danny6114 says:
December 10, 2010 at 8:43 am
She will debunk herself, as she has done previously. She admits when she is wrong, unlike some “journalists”!

Sorry, Danny boy. She did NOT admit when she was wrong.

It’s not a big deal. She was reading from Roll Call, a normally reliable source in the politics biz. We all get things wrong. We all rely on sources that later prove to be unreliable. It happens.

But to get caught in false gloating by Mediaite–a popular media website–and to totally ignore the story? No class.

When the shoe was on the other foot, Rachel Maddow pounced to draw blood at every turn. A normally reliable Indian newspaper (sort of their Associated Press or New York Times “paper of record”) reported that Obama’s Asian trip would cost $100 million a day. This was picked up on the Drudge Report and then on other websites. Maddow laughed like there’s no tomorrow. These conservatives, they’re so stupid! $100 million a day! They believe the Indian press on the cost of Obama’s India trip! Ha-ha-ha!!!! Meanwhile, we still don’t know how much Obama’s post-election-get-out-of-Dodge trip actually cost.

Hypocrisy bugs me every time.

Every Friday, there’s a “Club Ed” segment with unfunny comedian Liz Winstead. “Sarah Palin wants to go to Haiti because it has the word ‘hate’ in it.” That’s not funny; it’s just mean.

Then there was the Sharpton vs. Limbaugh segment. As I’ve reported here before, Sharpton wants to take Limbaugh (‘Rush Lumbar”) off the air. Sharpton wants to take his cause to Congress and get politicians to sign on. You do that, Al. Get your favorite Democrats to sign a petition to kill the First Amendment in America. I’ll try to make sure not one of these people is re-elected.

Hardball with Chris Matthews
Ron Reagan Jr. makes another appearance on the liberal network. More Sarah Palin bashing. Ho-hum.

While listening to this MSNBC drivel, I got some astounding work done. I found the exact American origins of Sawdust Pie. I added “Long Live Cowboys” and “Second Chance U. (TSU nickname)” to my large “Lone Star State Dictionary.” And I added a phrase very popular with Spanish-speaking Americans, “A politician who’s poor is a poor politician.”

II any one of you wants to test an MSNBC “journalist,” e-mail [email protected] and ask how that “Debunktion Junction” correction is coming along.