MSNBC WATCH: 9.8% unemployment without MSNBC spin--heck, without coverage!

The most important story of our time–the ridiculously bad 9.8% “official” unemployment rate in the United States–isn’t that news? If you’re an all news network called “The Place for Politics” (a REAL news network, not at all like Fox News), wouldn’t you talk about how many Americans don’t have jobs? No? Not at all?

The most amazing thing about MSNBC are the stories the network doesn’t mention at all. Does anybody notice besides me?

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Obama conveniently skipped town to meet with the troops, just as he skipped town on election day to go to Asia. No comment from the leader of the United States on all of the people who are unemployed? No explanation of the numbers?

However, if you have a minor story about any Republican anywhere doing anything wacky, it’s national news on MSNBC. A Republican (running for office, but not an elected official) does Nazi reenactments (legal in all states) in his spare time? Full MSNBC coverage! The national unemployment rate? Nothing! Nobody cares!

Last night I researched the origin of the political term “hardball.” Let’s start off with Chris Matthews, an old MSNBC hand. Matthews’ special comment at the end of his show asked: “Is the right nastier than the left?” I thought that was hilarious. Matthews recently dedicated a long segment to Pat Moynihan and the good old days of civility in politics, and ended it with a completely out-of-place fat joke about Chris Christie being able to squeeze through a Hudson tunnel. You tell me again, Matthews, how the left is so much kinder and gentler than the right?

Matthews had a book chat with Dick Cavett, who’s apparently still alive. Another segment was: “Michele Bachmann talks revolution.” Another story was: “No end in sight for tax cut decision.” Another story was: “Another solution to end the tax fight.” Another story was: “What does the U.S. want to accomplish in Afghanistan?” My favorite segment (associated with his final comment) was: “GOP plays hardball.” Ron Reagan, Jr. was dredged up to the attack the mean old GOP. The GOP kicked Charlie Rangel when he’s down–so mean! Ron Reagan, just marry Meghan McCain and you can go on these MSNBC shows together.

Nothing about the day’s unemployment statistics! Mean Republicans–that’s news to Chris Matthews!

Let’s go next to Ed Schultz, of The Ed Show:

. Determining the fate of DADT
. Will Cheney face jail time?
. Clinton won’t run for president, again
. Is the GOP an out of control greed machine
. Limbaugh on taking away America’s rights
. Deal or no deal on tax cuts

No unemployment news on The Ed Show. Ed, I always knew you stood up for the little guy.

Keith Olbermann, surely, he’s a real news man. Friday’s Countdown:

. Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman talks about the disadvantages of tax cuts for the rich.
. Tax wars at home, problems overseas
. McCain offers another DADT roadblock
. Countdown Twitter report
. Adventures in live television
. Arizona refuses to grant woman lung transplant
. Baseball great dies without being inducted into HOF
. Fridays with Thurber

Yep, Fridays with Thurber. Keith Olbermann reads about a page or two of a James Thurber book to you. He does this every Friday. I have no idea why.

Our last hope is Rachel Maddow. Maddow is a real news woman, not like those women you’ll find at Fox News. Her MSNBC commercial shows her digging for news, finding “what’s important in the world.” Let’s look at Friday’s The Rachel Maddow Show:

. Can Democrats get their groove back? (Maddow’s producer/writer discussed college cheers, for no good reason.)
. Corruption blocks progress in Afghanistan
. Signs point to DADT repeal (DADT is a daily TRMS feature.)
. Debunktion Junction
. Lame duck Congress not as lame as expected
. GOP tax bonus for rich ignores failure of Reaganonics

Lawrence O’Donnell doesn’t do a Friday show and limits his socialism to Monday-Thursday.

Here we have MSNBC’s prime time lineup:

The Ed Show
Hardball with Chris Matthews
Countdown with Keith Olbermann
The Rachel Maddow Show

and not one of them does a segment on the unemployment rate that was released that day?

From Thursday’s New York Post:

Labor Dept.’s shell game: Fool me once . . .
Posted: 12:13 AM, December 2, 2010
Don’t expect too much from tomorrow’s employment report.

Wall Street thinks the Labor Department will announce that another 150,000 jobs were created in November, which would be just shy of the 151,000 new positions reported in October.

I wouldn’t count on it.

As I’ve been saying for years, these monthly job figures from Washington are meaningless. They are more for Wall Street’s and the media’s entertainment. The figures are not a very accurate representation of the actual job market.
Eventually the jobless rate will come down — but not for the right reason.

At some point people who have been chronically unemployed will no longer show up in the headline jobless figure quoted by the press. They will, in essence, join a lesser class of unemployed, discouraged workers who fall off the charts.

From MarketWatch:

Dec. 3, 2010, 9:05 a.m. EST
Unemployment hits 9.8% as payrolls add just 39,000
The pace of job growth stalled unexpectedly in November, the Labor Department said. Nonfarm payrolls increased a slim 39,000, down from a 172,000 pace in October. The unemployment rate jumped to 9.8%

Economists expected 155,000 new jobs and got 39,000.

The unemployment numbers have been fudged for a very long time. But when you fudge the numbers and it still turns out bad, that’s not good at all.

Any real news network should spend at least one segment on at least one prime time show on the first Friday of the month to discuss the unemployment situation. It’s a no-brainer.

It’s like the Oscar nominations were announced and Entertainment Tonight decided it wasn’t important to cover.

Hey, didn’t President Obama praise Olbermann and Maddow recently for the great work that they do?

HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: Do you think if President George W. Bush had unemployment numbers that stink this bad, all of MSNBC would cover it up for him and non-report the bad news?