CONSPIRACY THEORY WATCH: Jesse Ventura's much-hyped JFK assassination episode not worth the hype

OK, I thought, I’ll tune in to Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” on truTV, he’ll present the shocking new deathbed confession about the JFK assassination, and a lifetime of curiousity will finally be solved. Surely, that’s worth an hour of my life to learn the truth.

Eh. Ventura indicts several presidents–Lyndon Johnson (the most to gain), Richard Nixon (behind the “Op 40” against Cuba), Gerald Ford (Warren Commisson) and George H. W. Bush (CIA, and possibly at the assassination scene in a grainy photo). Ventura interviews each person (accompanied by spooky music) in a seemingly clandestine location, but if you know anything about the JFK assassination, you’ll know that Ventura is simply repackaging old stuff.

Alex Jones heavily promoted the Ventura show and interviewed him on Friday. Here’s one Alex Jones promo from Infowars.com:

‘JFK Deathbed Confession’ reaches #1 on Google Ahead of Ventura TV program Aaron Dykes
November 19, 2010
Yet another search term, “JFK Deathbed Confession,” has reached #1 on Google Trends following a prompt from former Gov. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones during the Friday, Nov. 19 radio program. The term refers to the ground-breaking revelations that will air tonight on TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory, where Ventura, a long-time JFK researcher, will expose compelling new information including an assassination confession from a “major figure” in recent U.S. history. TUNE IN TONIGHT, FRI. 19 AT 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST to see this amazing episode.

Here’s another Infowars.com promo:

Jesse Ventura to air JFK assassination deathbed confession
Aaron Dykes
November 19, 2010
In the next episode of the hard-hitting second season of Conspiracy Theory, former Governor Jesse Ventura will take on what he has long regarded as the most significant event of his generation and the 60s era– the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

As I’ve said before, I’m about 50% accept-50% reject with the Alex Jones-Jesse Ventura crowd. Jones is right on target with TSA scanners and groping, but I believe he’s way off target when he says that 9-11 is an inside job. Another thing that I don’t like is that many of the people traveling in this crowd are hugely anti-Semitic.

A thorough review of last night’s show is at RightJuris.com:

Friday, November 19th, 2010 at 9:37 pm
Jesse Ventura – JFK Assassination on ‘Conspiracy Theory’
By Andrew
Jesse Ventura calls the JFK assassination the biggest conspiracy in American history. So this Friday, Jesse Venture explores the JFK assassination on ‘Conspiracy Theory’. I’ve been wondering when he’d get around to this one. Jesse promised new information, including a death bed confession by E. Howard Hunt, aired for the first time on television. But first, Ventura obtains alleged CIA documents that sets him on the trail leading to Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush.
Ventura then ridicules the Warren Commission Report, starting off with the ‘Magic Bullet’ theory, proposed by a young Federal prosecutor, Arlan Specter, later to be U.S. Senator. Former Navy SEAL and ‘expert marksman’ Jesse Ventura recreates the shot with a vintage Manlicher Carcano bolt-action rifle. According to the Warren Report, Lee Harvey Oswald, who had served as a U.S. Marine and only earned the basic ‘marksman’ status with a rifle, managed all three aimed shots in 6.5 seconds, based on the famous Zapruder film. After three tries, Jesse got off his three shots in 11.17, 8.84 and 8.79 seconds. Only one of the nine rounds fired scored a hit as a ‘head shot’.

That was a good part. I don’t believe that Oswald could have gotten off three shots with that rifle in 6.5 seconds.

As someone who has read nearly everything on the JFK assassination, Jesse Ventura ‘Conspiracy Theory’ really didn’t have anything new. The Hunt death bed confession had been reported three years ago in Rolling Stone magazine. I’ve heard L. Fletcher Prouty many times on various radio shows.

The E. Howard Hunt deathbed confession in 2007 was the big event of the show. Ventura entered Hunt’s son’s place, seemingly with top secrecy. Hey, the info is on E. Howard Hunt’s Wikipedia page!

Here’s the super-secret “Howard Hunt deathbed confession” info available to any WIki user:

JFK Conspiracy allegations and Death
During the last few years and months of Hunt’s life he disclosed to his son, Saint John Hunt, through audio recordings, discussions, and through writings that he, and several others were involved in the conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy. He even gave the codename the conspirators gave for the operation, “the Big Event.” The other alleged conspirators include Cord Meyer, David Sánchez Morales, William King Harvey, a French gunman who worked for the Mafia, and Lyndon B. Johnson; Hunt’s allegations, however, are generally considered unsubstantiated because what he said has not been proven by any official investigation after his deathbed confession in 2007. Cord Meyer and Bill Harvey were in the CIA. David Morales was unofficially in the CIA. Hunt died on January 23, 2007 in Miami, Florida of pneumonia and is buried in Prospect Lawn Cemetery, Hamburg, New York.

Ventura spent much time showing a 1963 photo of three tramps rounded up from the area–and doesn’t one look a lot like Howard Hunt? His son says yes, it looks like dad!

Again, no one at truTV seems to have checked the super-secret E. Howard Hunt Wikipedia page:

Many people that believe JFK was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy have suggested that two of the three tramps that marched through Dealey Plaza in the wake of the assassination to be Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis, although several other men, Charles Harrelson for example, were also identified as tramps. The mystery was thought to be solved in the early 1990s when researcher Mary LaFontaine discovered documents identifying the men as Harold Doyle, John Forester Gedney, and Gus W. Abrams. Both the F.B.I. and independent researchers confirmed the identifications.

It ain’t Howard Hunt in the photo, and Jesse Ventura either knows this and lies to you or is simply a miserable researcher.

Lee Harvey Oswald might have been (in his own words) “a patsy.” It’s very possible that he didn’t get off three shots in 6.5 seconds, and that at least one shot came from the infamous grassy knoll.

It’s well-known that the Bay of Pigs was a CIA failure, and that the CIA and President John F. Kennedy didn’t get along after that. It’s well-known that the CIA toppled regimes in Iran and Guatemala. It’s not inconceivable that some disgruntled CIA agents pulled of “The Big Event” (as E. Howard Hunt called it).

Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” JFK assassination show promised something new and a true resolution, but delivered neither.

As with my MSNBC Watch, what really angers me is the arrogance and the hype. People who say watch us and learn, you don’t know anything and we’re the real stuff! Then you watch and you’re not impressed.

It’s OK viewing and I like Jesse Ventura, but Jesse, you really shouldn’t sell a JFK assassination show like it’s professional wrestling.