I’ve expanded the “watch.”

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart did two segments to parody Glenn Beck’s “The Puppet Master” (George Soros) shows. Stewart admitted that he himself is creeped out by Soros and doesn’t like defending him.

The biggest laughs in the segments were Stewart trying to straighten out a reclining blackboard and trying to brush aside the puppets. There were almost no jokes in the material itself.

It just wasn’t funny at all.

I’m actually a Jon Stewart fan and I think he’s usually funny. His past takes on Glenn Beck were funny. But this wasn’t funny in the least.

It’s well known the George Soros has donated millions to NPR, The Huffington Post, Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, et al. Stewart had a blackboard to show that several rich people donate to Republican causes, but it wasn’t the same. Here is one “progressive” guy doing all this, and it’s documented, and Glenn Beck didn’t make it all up.

I thought the Glenn Beck series on George Soros was rather tame and a waste of time–I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know about George Soros.

Glenn Beck is ripe for parody, but if this is the best that Jon Stewart can do on the Beck-Soros series, maybe it’s because it’s more true than funny.

Over at The Huffington Post, the large headline screams that WWIII has been declared. No, actually, it’s just a dig at Sarah Palin:

Palin: Obama’s Views Formed By Hearing So Many Rants Against “White People”

Powerful stuff, no? No.

If you read the story, it’s a passage in Palin’s new book that goes back to Michelle Obama’s “Never been proud of my country until Barack” comment from 2008. Old, old material.

Sarah Palin must be really scaring them for such a HuffPo attack.

Yesterday, I expressed astonishment that the entire MSNBC “news” network didn’t cover the Ghailani terror trial verdict, where an incredible of 284 out of 285 charges were dismissed. Both Olbermann and Maddow did briefly get to it today–by attacking Republicans!

Keith Olbermann brought back “Worst Persons in the World” on Wednesday and again on Thursday. The Thursday winners were John Boehner and Lindsey Graham, responding to the Ghailani trial. Olbermann was so bored that he just mumbled Boehner’s argument that the case belonged in a military tribunal. “Ghailani got twenty years!” Olbermann proudly said about the mass murderer. If Keith had thought about it, maybe Ghailani himself should have been a “Worst Person in the World.” Olbermann defended a horrendous legal decision he never found worthy of discussion on his show.

Rachel Maddow discussed the decision on her new segment, “Debunktion Junction.” She ran a Fox News audio: “The man charged with plotting the embassy bombings nearly walks free.” Maddow laughed at silly Fox News and said this was false. Again, MSNBC just won’t tell you that 284 of the 285 charges were dismissed. So, yes, if you look at the picture that way, the statement is true–he nearly got away free. Maddow told viewers that Ghailani was tortured and “thought by many to be unprosecutable.” No, Rachel, pretty much everyone thought it was a slam dunk that this guy was guilty. He even admitted it. Maddow then smiled at the camera: “Twenty years in prison, minimum, without parole! That was described as nearly walking free!”

So there you have it–the Ghailani verdict on MSNBC reduced to day-late diatribes against Republicans and Fox News. No analysis of the terror trial verdict by a single legal scholar on the “news” network.

I mean to show by these “watches” that MSNBC is highly biased and is not the “news” organization it so strenuously claims. I do not agree with all Republicans or with everything Fox News does. I get very angry when MSNBC is lumped with Fox News, and then Keith Olbermann insists (as he did in arguing with Ted Koppel) that MSNBC is superior in every way.

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) recently said that MSNBC and Fox News represent a “race to the bottom.” His solution? If we only followed the George Soros-funded “Free Press’ and had massive public subsidies into an American version of the BBC, we’d get the truth.

I typed “Jay Rockefeller” into the MSNBC search box, and again, the story that everyone is talking about was not covered by MSNBC.