MSNBC WATCH: Ghailani terror trial what? Who?

How does MSNBC–“The Place for Politics” and a real news organization, or so they will tell you–not cover the Ghailani trial?

A check of “Ghailani” into an MSNBC search box yields only one result. As the trial was starting, Rachel Maddow discussed it with New York Times’ writer Bob Herbert. They laughed at Republicans who suggested that a civilian trial was not the correct venue.

And now, when the trial blew up in President Barack Obama’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s faces?

Crickets from the entire MSNBC network.

From an editorial in Thursday’s New York Post:

Terror-trial travesty
Last Updated: 4:46 AM, November 18, 2010
Posted: November 18, 2010
Is there any better proof that Team Obama’s preferred approach to fight ing terror — through civilian courts — is dangerously misguided than yesterday’s acquittal of one of the 1998 US embassy bombers on all but one of 285 charges?

Ahmed Ghailani, the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be tried in a civilian court, was convicted of only a single count of conspiracy to destroy government property and buildings using explosives.

Murder? No.

Terrorism? No.

He was up to his ears in a plot that took 224 lives, and he’s not a terrorist?

Particularly, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

Unless, that is, Team Obama is willing to roll the dice on seeing him and his ilk walk free.

As we’ve long said, enemy combatants simply don’t belong in federal courtrooms in a time of war.

Important stuff for our nation. Granted, it’s not Bristol Palin “Dancing With The Stars” important stuff, but important stuff nonetheless.

It’s not like Rachel Maddow couldn’t find time to talk about the trial. Her show ran a long segment about her producer shaving off his beard after Lisa Murkowski was declared the winner in Alaska. That is news?

Maddow also ran a completely “inside baseball” story–for nine long minutes–to correct a Politico story. The point? Republicans lie, or at least anonymous Republicans lie. Was it worth bumping the Ghailani trial result news and never reporting it?

The Ghailani trial is a huge embarrassment to President Obama and Attorney General Holder. MSNBC can report (as it did, very little) on Charlie Rangel, because he’s already wounded and has lost his power. But a totally embarrassing loss- 284 CHARGES TOSSED? No reporting.

I like the website NewsBusters, but it rarely reports on new stories that the liberal media purposely does not cover.

Tell me once again that MSNBC is a real news organization?