MSNBC WATCH: Charles Rangel (D) who? & Olbermann's crazed "special comment"

Let’s suppose that Charles Rangel had been a long-serving Republican. Let’s suppose Rangel did exactly what he did today. Let’s suppose that MSNBC is a news organization. Don’t you think that every MSNBC prime time show would be on that story?

Charles Rangel, MSNBC! Elected Congressman. Proud Democrat. Took $400,000 from his campaign funds and now says that he doesn’t have a lawyer to defend him. MSNBC? Hello? You’re a news organization, right?

From Weasel Zippers:

Video: Rangel Walking Out of Ethics Trial After Being Denied Plea For Delay
Posted by ZIP on Monday, November 15, 2010, at 2:36 PM

And then again from Weasel Zippers:

Top House Ethics Committee Lawyer: Rangel’s Not Corrupt – He’s Just Kind of Sloppy.
Posted by D-Lo on Monday, November 15, 2010, at 4:04 PM

Let’s look at what the super-journalist Rachel Maddow covered today: An attack on Mitch McConnell (R), an attack on John McCain (R), an attack on Ginni Thomas (wife of Clarence Thomas), and an attack on Allen West (R). The McConnell and West attacks were essentially the same things Maddow already attacked last Friday. The McCain attack was nothing new.

If you type “Rangel” into the search box, you find a story today from NBC Nightly News, but nothing from MNBC’s prime time lineup.

Let’s look at The Ed Show: an attack on Rush Limbaugh, an attack on Rand Paul, and an attack on Allen West.

Let’s look at Hardball with guest host Michael Smerconish: Sarah Palin’s tv show, a puff interview with Chris Coons (D), and a personal story of going to a Pink Floyd concert.

Finally, let’s look at Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Various faces are shown in the opening, but you won’t see the face of Charles Rangel.

Keith Olbermann ended the show with a very un-special Special Comment:

Olbermann: False promise of ‘objectivity’ proves ‘truth’ superior to ‘fact’
The myth of impartiality has led television news away from the path to truth

Finally tonight as promised a Special Comment about Ted Koppel’s OpEd piece in The Washington Post yesterday entitled “Olbermann, O’Reilly, and the death of real news.” And I apologize up-front for the heavy self-reference, but I hope you will agree that this is important.
The great change about which Mr. Koppel wrings his hands is not partisanship nor tone nor analysis. The great change was the creation of the sanitized mage of what men like Cronkite and Murrow and Kaltenborn and Davis and Daly and Baukhage and Smith and Sevareid and Rather and Jennings and Polk and Koppel did.

These were not glorified stenographers. These were not neutral men. These were men who did in their day what the best of journalists still try to do in this one. Evaluate, analyze, unscramble, assess — put together a coherent picture, or a challenging question — using only the facts as they can best be discerned, plus their own honesty and conscience.

Excuse me, but did you just say that Dan Rather was “the best of journalists”?

We do not make up facts here and when we make mistakes we correct them.

Too funny!

More over, while Fox may be such, we are not doctrinaire.

Keith, are you off your medications again or is this an intentional laugh line?

To equate this network with Fox, as Mr. Koppel did to accuse us of having our own facts is another manifestation of a dangerously simplified understanding of modern news.
I don’t know that I’m doing it exactly right here. I’m trying. I have to. Because whatever that television news was before we now have to fix it.

Over at FoxNews.com, this is the most-read story:

Rangel Used PAC Money for Legal Defense
Published November 15, 2010| New York Post
New York Rep. Charles Rangel, whose ethics trial starts Monday, appears to have improperly used political-action committee money to pay for his defense, The New York Post reported Sunday.

Rangel tapped his National Leadership PAC for $293,000 to pay his main legal-defense team this year. He took another $100,000 from the PAC in 2009 to pay lawyer Lanny Davis. Two legal experts told The Post such spending is against House rules. “It’s a breach of congressional ethics,” one campaign-finance lawyer said.

Not one of MSNBC’s prime time news shows mentioned Charles Rangel today.

So, Keith Olbermann, rant to me again how you work at a news network?

It’s bad enough when MSNBC or The New York Times slant the news. What I can’t stand is when they lecture you that they don’t.