MSNBC WATCH: No, Lawrence O'Donnell, we're not all socialists.

Lawrence O’Donnell has said that he’s a socialist a few times now (which probably means he’s a communist).

From a segment on today’s The Last Word:

We need to take the political sting out of the word “socialist.”


By the way, while the Newsweek cover did say “We’re all Socialists now” and Milton Friedman did write, in Time in 1965, “We’re all Keynesians now,” those phrases go back much, much further.

There’s good socialism and there’s bad socialism. (…) Bad socialism is bad.

Lawrence O’Donnell just supports the “good” socialism, you see. Like…

Every taxpayer in this country, every Social Security recipient, every Medicare beneficiary, and everyone who uses the post office is participating in successful socialism, practical socialism. (…) Socialism has contributed mightily to the mightily to the quality of life in this country.

These are the good examples of socialism, Lawrence?

If you’re a taxpayer, you’re a socialist? Redistributing income is good?

Social Security is going bankrupt. This is successful socialism?

Medicare/Medicaid is going bankrupt. This is successful socialism?

The post office? The post office is successful socialism? How much money is the post office losing this year, Lawrence? Are you happy about that?

Lawrence O’Donnell states that every economy is a mixed economy. So why call yourself a socialist? Why not call yourself half capitalist and half socialist?

I panned this program from the first week. How many times must it jump the shark?

Yes, Keith Olberman returned–with a truly lousy show. If you want to know what “lousy” really means, catch the 14-minute opening segment, where Olbermann tries to use humor to deflect Obama’s critics. The creepy voice and the exaggerations would work if they were funny, but they weren’t funny in the least. Tell me again that this is a newsman?

As for the suspension, Olbermann claimed that he didn’t know the rules (as if ignorance is ever a defense) and he claimed that he didn’t do it on purpose as a publicity stunt (“I’m not that smart!”). Enjoy high ratings for a day. Viewers won’t stay tuned to this dreck for long.

The word is “ostentatious,” not “Austintatious.” But you’re not Sarah Palin, so no one will notice.

Maddow did a “second amendment remedies” segment on Allen West’s new staffer Joyce Kaufman, proving that the George Soros-funded Think Progress works with her hand-in-hand. Maddow might want to report on this NewsBusters story, “MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Hints at Violent Revolution.” Yeah, I know, violent talk only comes from the right.

It’s a shame that no one (including you, Jon Stewart, who’ll be on this trainwreck on Thursday) has collected the videos of Rachel Maddow’s many arm flails. This was a double “arms-flail” show.

There’s a “Danger, Will Robinson!” arm flap right at the beginning here. Maddow was making fun of Oklahoma’s anti-sharia law, siding with Hamas unindicted co-conspirator CAIR.

A minor double-hand flail occurs at 2:30 here. In a segment titled “Debunktion Junction,” Maddow says that, for example, Obama’s trip is not costing $200 million a day–“All provably not true, but all still true in right wing land.” No, Rachel. A story used that figure and was widely cited; we in “right wing land” recognize that the trip was expensive, yet the White House does not release the actual costs. Do you want me to recite all the “not true” things that leftists like yourself believe? (“The stimulus worked!”) But she’s a newswoman, strictly reporting the news you see, and MSNBC is not at all like Fox News.

Lawrence O’Donnell’s still a socialist, Keith Olbermann’s still an unfunny hack, and Rachel Maddow is still a hyperpartisan shill claiming to be a newswoman.

Back to normal.