MSNBC WATCH: Matthews makes Christie weight joke; Nadler goes after GWB

“Someone should tell the governor (NJ Governor Chris Christie) that it’s going to be a wide tunnel.”
–Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s HARDBALL, “American Visionary” segment on Daniel Patrick Moynihan (it’s at the end), November 10, 2010.

Chris Matthews has gone nuts.

He took a swipe at Michele Bachmann on MSNBC’s partisan election day coverage. He constantly takes swipes at Sarah Palin (such as, that she’s never read a book).

This swipe at Chris Christie’s weight is really low, even for Chris Matthews. Even Ed Schultz, after telling a Chris Christie weight joke, looked in the mirror at his own body and then semi-apologized. The segment wasn’t even about Chris Christie–it was about Moynihan (and then drifted to the proposed Moynihan Station and then the tunnel). It was a completely gratuitous shot.

Chris Matthews must be completely unhinged that the public rejected far-left liberalism in the last election. Matthews isn’t even hiding his disgust anymore.

He deserves a two-day suspension for this. MSNBC is a news operation, dontcha know.

Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) went on the Ed Show and is so disturbed that George Bush ordered waterboarding to keep New York City safe that Nadler’s going to Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute the former president.

Nadler represents a very safe district of Manhattan’s Upper West Side that my fellow Manhattan Republicans have long dubbed “Moscow on the Hudson.” Nadler was a vigorous defender of ACORN. Nadler represents everything I dislike about New York Congressional Democrats (and that includes Charles Rangel and Anthony Weiner).

New York City was attacked on September 11, 2001. Thousands of people were murdered. So Manhattan’s Jerry Nadler wants to prosecute George W. Bush? Whose waterboarding of three terrorists killed how many people?

Go for it, Jerry Nadler. Go for it, Eric Holder and Barack Obama. Prosecute the former president. See how that plays to people who vote. When the American people finally bounce all of you out in 2012, there will be a pardon anyway.

My blood pressure’s up, and Olbermann-Maddow-O’Donnell didn’t even start yet.