MSNBC WATCH: Maddow defends Olbermann, claims MSNBC is a news organization

“We’re not a political operation. Fox is. We are a news operation.”
–Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show, November 5, 2010.

The Keith Olbermann affair is a head-scratcher. He’s been a liberal hack for years. Why is everything happening now?

For years, Keith Olbermann ended his Countdown show with the hyper-partisan: “XXX days since ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq.” For years, Olbermann has attacked Republicans every day with a segment called “Worst Persons in the World.” Suddenly, on Monday, Olbermann announced that “Worst Persons” will be no more.

As Kenny Solomon reported earlier today and as you’ll learn on almost any political website and talk show, Olbermann made three donations to Democrats (including one to the far-left Raul Grijalva immediately after interviewing the candidate who deserved to lose to Ruth McClung in AZ). MSNBC has suspended Olbermann indefinitely, without pay.

Why this and why now? Olbermann surely knew the rules of his employment. He’s never done this before. Did Olbermann do it as an excuse so both parties can part ways?

MSNBC has a new “Lean Forward” ad campaign. Did someone tell Olbermann that his job was in jeopardy? Did someone tell Olbermann to change his show? Why the “Worst Persons” drop and the campaign donations now?

Rachel Maddow defended Keith Olbermann by attacking Fox News. Maddow said that Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee fundraise for Republicans. Apples and oranges, Rachel. Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee aren’t reporters. Everyone knows who they are–former Republican office holders. If Bill Clinton were to have an MSNBC show tomorrow, he’s going to be Bill Clinton. No one will criticize him for going weak on the current Secretary of State, or for attacking Republicans.

When James Carville goes on a show, he’s James Carville. Democrat and Republican consultants go on these shows all the time. They can contribute as they please. Democrat and Republican candidates go on Fox and MSNBC all the time. Apples and oranges.

If Keith Olbermann has a clause in his multi-million dollar MSNBC contract telling him that he can’t contribute to or endorse political candidates, then it’s not a free speech issue. It’s not a Fox issue. It’s a contractual issue. If Olbermann broke the contract that he signed, then MSNBC has the right to contractual remedies, probably including termination.

If MSNBC thinks it can dispatch Olbermann because the new “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell” is so wonderful, then I must disagree. O’Donnell said this week that his favorite candidate was Alvin Greene. Honestly, O’Donnell said this!

“We are a news operation”–really, Rachel?

Say there’s a Republican no one’s ever heard of who, it is learned, is a Nazi reenactor. Not a mainstream thing to do, but not a crime. Certainly, not of national importance. If you’re spending the night with MSNBC, you’ll see the same story and clips on Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Ed Show with Ed Schultz, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Rachel Maddow Show, and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. You’ll see THE SAME THING FIVE TIMES ON FIVE SHOWS.

There are thousands of Republican legislators and candidates in America. Some do wacky things. Pick a Republican–any Republican, anywhere–doing a wacky thing and you’re a news organization? Just the facts, Rachel?

How about a real news story–the Fed just printed $600 billion. Did any MSNBC political show talk about that? I must have missed it. Ed Schultz, defender of the common man–not a word from you? I can guarantee you that viewers of The Rachel Maddow Show will know about the Nazi reenactor–something not important at all to anyone’s life–but will not be able to tell you how much money the Fed just printed out of thin air.

Let’s look at the first segment of Friday’s The Rachel Maddow Show, titled “Nancy Pelosi, fighter”:

Rachel Maddow reviews the litany of accomplishments by the House of Representatives with Nancy Pelosi as its leader and talks with The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne about his interview of Pelosi about why she intends to run for minority leader.

Maddow argued that Pelosi has a long list of accomplishments and deserves the role of House minority leader over moderates such as Heath Shuler. Each one of Pelosi’s “accomplishments” is, in my opinion, a disaster, a NON-accomplishment. Most of the nation thinks that nationalized healthcare is not an “accomplishment.” But Maddow is strictly reporting the news and says it is an accomplishment.

A normal American might look at the economic numbers from 2006-2010 and cry. We’re losing over $1.3 trillion annually. Yes, George W. Bush was president during the years 2006-2008. But why is it not the Pelosi economy? With healthy majorities from 2006-2008 and Democrats owning the entire ranch in 2008-2010, why not give Nancy Pelosi full credit for destroying America?

MSNBC is a news organization and Rachel Maddow is just reporting the facts. Nancy Pelosi is a hero.

Maddow’s next story was another attack on Republicans: “Female Republican candidates fall short of the hype.”

Maddow’s did yet another attack on Republicans: “Familiar faces in Tea Party ‘insurgency.'”

There is, apparently, no other news today besides attacking Republicans. Gold’s now almost an insane $1400 an ounce, our dollar will be worthless, but Rachel Maddow is a real newswoman reporting the news!

I typed “Bernice” in her TRMS search box and got no results. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) was, unfortunately, easily re-elected, even in Texas, even in the tsunami. (She’s redistricted in a safe Houston area.) She’s not a wannabe Congressman who does WWII re-eneactments in his spare time. She’s Congresswoman who gave thousands of your tax dollars in college scholarships to her relatives and friends. She’s not a bit apologetic about stealing. John Boehner must sweep the House of crooks like Eddie Bernice Johnson and Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel–all re-elected.

Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) was never news on The Rachel Maddow Show!

Let Keith Olbermann go or bring him back. it’s MSNBC’s choice.

But don’t give me this b.s. that MSNBC is a real news organization. It’s not.