MSNBC WATCH: Olbermann ends "Worst Persons in the World"

NOOO! I’ll never get to be a “Worst Person in the World”? A prestigious award for anyone on the right? NOOO!

Today, Keith Olbermann announced that he’s ending his “Worst Persons in the World” segment. He’s suddenly noticed that it’s “mean-spirited.”

Olbermann decides to be a journalist NOW? He notices this NOW? A clown notices that he’s a clown NOW?

The video should be on his MSNBC website soon.

Olbermann talked about Jon Stewart jumping the shark this weekend. Who knew that the thing that “jumped the shark” was “Worst Persons”?

What will fill up that air time? Twenty-minute special rants against Republicans?

The Rachel Maddow Show is on now. Maddow is describing the great achievements of the 111th Congress. There’s not a mention of the unemployment rate or a two-year three trillion dollar deficit. Maddow still thinks the Democrats did a great job, but simply don’t know how to sell it. Is this woman supposed to be smart?

One last piece of opposition research: Organizing for America sent an e-mail and wanted to know what hour I planned to vote. I voted against you guys two weeks ago (there’s early voting in Texas)!