MSNBC WATCH: Lies of "The Ed Show"

In my opinion, Ed Schultz and his “The Ed Show” is the worst and most biased show on MSNBC. That’s saying something.

I can accept Keith Olbermann as the left version of Glenn Beck. I’ll grant that Rachel Maddow will discuss “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on every show. Chris Matthews loves to discuss political history and I’ll occasionally get a new entry in my Political Lexicon.

Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, “The Last Word,” has jumped the shark so many times in its brief life that I’ve stopped counting. O’Donnell said that if you can make his viewers smarter, he’ll give you the last word. And then he does one dumb thing after another. For example, O’Donnell had Levi Johnston on the second show–and talked about the interview again on the third show. O’Donnell had an embarrassing interview with The Rent Is Too Damn High’s Jimmy McMillan where O’Donnell didn’t know McMillan had run for NYC mayor TWICE, nor did O’Donnell know about McMillan’s anti-Semitism. Well, McMillan was invited on the show again on Monday to discuss a Saturday Night Live parody. O’Donnell’s show is a joke that’s not funny.

Nothing, however, can compare to Ed Schultz. He’s a humorless union blowhard.

Check out any of Schultz’s many interviews with “Ring of Fire” radio talk show host Mike Papantonio. Papantonio uses “teabaggers” in every sentence. It’s like calling women “bitches” or black people “the N-word” on national television. Schultz and MSNBC finds this to be just OK! Here’s a Google of “MIKE PAPANTONIO” + TEABAGGERS. Over 57,000 hits.

MSNBC (especially Ed Schultz) has run the MoveOn.org activist sweetie Lauren Valle “Rand Paul Stomp” video nonstop. As if restraining a troublemaking activist who gets in the face of a candidate (Schultz doesn’t run that part of the tape) is ever pretty viewing.

Glenn Beck says that the violence will come from the union thugs on the left. Ed Schultz says that the violence is all coming from the right.

From last night’s video of The Ed Show, discussing the arrest of “I just came to Eric Cantor’s event to drink a cup of coffee and discuss the issues” Democrat operative Jon Taylor:

ED SCHULTZ: Tea partiers disrupted Democratic town hall meetings — if I can remember the news stories correctly — during the healtcare debate. Remember all that shouting and that intimidation that was going on? I don’t believe anybody got kicked or thrown around or arrested or that kind of stuff or taken to the hospital.

Poor Ed’s memory must be shot.

Let’s go to MSNBC.com and type in “KENNETH GLADNEY.” No MSNBC hit. Or Ed, maybe you remember the fellow who had his finger bitten off? You don’t remember that, either?

Let’s get to the Jon Taylor interview:

ED SCHULTZ: Were you carrying a sign? Did you have stickers? Were you disruptive in any way?
JON TAYLOR: We [His wife and son and fellow Democrats–B.P.] had nothing of the sort. We were all dressed in street clothes. I had my teenage son with me. (…) We were just sitting at the table, drinking the establishment’s coffee, minding our own business.

Nobody had a sign?

I see this on Google News:

Jon Taylor, a member of the Louisa Democratic Committee, and his wife RSVP’d to the event and showed up with a sign for Cantor’s opponent, Rick Waugh.

There’s stuff like this over at Google Blogs:

Jon Taylor, a member of the Louisa Democratic Committee, and his wife RSVP’d to the event and showed up with a sign for Cantor’s opponent, Rick Waugh,

So I’m expect to believe that all this information that Jon Taylor had a sign for “Rick Waugh” was made up? That he was asked to leave the establishment for simply sitting down to drink coffee?

You can spin on national tv, but lying is not good.

Ed Schultz also defended NPR for firing Juan Williams. (Schultz called him a “problem employee,” called NPR “middle of the road,” and said that a nation with trillion dollar annual deficits is ridiculous to defund NPR.) There were tons of NPR facts that Schultz didn’t tell his viewers about.

Schultz said that his 10-2-10 rally drew about 250,000 people, while Glenn Beck’s 8-28-10 rally drew 80,000. Photos clearly show that Beck’s rally was about twice the size (not one-third of the size).

Perhaps Ed Schultz will run the “Rand Paul Stomp” and the “Jon Taylor just wanted some coffee” videos again on Friday.

Or maybe the fat lug will tell another joke about NJ Governor Chris Christie’s weight.

Do even crazy MSNBC liberals like Ed Schultz? Why?