Bloomberg can't be president, but he's gunning for Biden's VP slot

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has raised recent speculation that he’s running for president after appearing on national shows such as Morning Joe, David Letterman and The Daily Show. He’s not running for president because he knows he can’t win. He’s running for Joe Biden’s VP slot, the next best thing.

From Sunday’s New York Daily News:

Mike Bloomberg for President in 2012? It’s not going to happen, says author of mayoral bioBy Joyce Purnick
Sunday, October 24th 2010, 4:00 AM

Because I wrote a book about Michael Bloomberg, people are always asking me – again – if I think he will run for President. The will-he-or-won’t-he speculation is back, with Mike-talk popping up on “Morning Joe,” making the cocktail circuit, entangling itself with calls for an independent candidacy. Even The New York Times’s Thomas Friedman weighed in, predicting that 2012 would produce a serious (though unnamed) third-party presidential candidate unless the Republicans and Democrats reform.

So, do I think that Bloomberg, who came this-close to running last time as an independent and has the billions to finance a campaign, will run?

No. Those dreaming of an “I Like Mike” presidential candidacy should get over it.

There is nothing Michael Bloomberg wants more than to be president of the United States. But he knows that 2012 is his last chance–after that, he’ll be too old. He knows that he can’t run as a Republican after leaving the party and holding many unpopular liberal views. He knows that Barack Obama is the Democrat choice. He knows that running as an independent is a no-win situation.

So he’ll take the second-best thing–Joe Biden’s VP slot. Obama can say that he has to fight all this dirty Republican money with an easy, home-grown billion that Bloomberg will give him. Bloomberg helps keep the Jewish vote and helps with Wall Street people who might have second thoughts about going against Bloomberg.

Yes, I know, Obama recently said that Biden is his man. There are expiration dates for Obama statements, as you all well know. Biden has outlived his usefulness to Obama.

This was in my morning mailbox today from The Daily Caller:

Speaking of rich people running for office: Why is Obama kissing Bloomberg’s bum? — New York Magazine’s John Heilemann poses the theory in this week’s issue that Pres. Obama is being so nice to Mayor Doomberg because he is scared of him! To whit: “The likelihood of Bloomberg’s running is just as great as, if not greater than, it was when he considered taking the plunge in 2008—and that specter is very much on the minds of Obama’s people. In the past few months, the White House has made a gaudy show of sucking up to the mayor: inviting him to play golf in Martha’s Vineyard with Obama, floating his name as a potential Treasury secretary, dispatching Joe Biden and Tim Geithner to have breakfast with him and seek his economic counsel. The motivations behind the blandishments are many, but not the least is to blunt the Bloomberg threat—to keep him on the sidelines in 2012, where he and his billions would pose no danger of redrawing the electoral map in unpredictable and perilous ways.” Hahaha. Please don’t run for office, you asshole. I sent Geronimo Joe and Turbotax Timmy to have breakfast with you!

Obama and Bloomberg played golf together recently. No one gets it? Bloomberg is not going to run against Obama. Bloomberg wants to run WITH Obama!

Is Bloomberg a VP type of guy? No way. Obama has to watch his back. He’d have to watch his back with a Hillary Clinton VP pick as well. No one wants to be No. 2, especially a billionaire used to being No. 1.

Do you think that Bloomberg’s been practicing his Spanish for the last eight years to retire to Bermuda and play golf?

How do the Republicans match this? Republicans can never raise enough money to compete. Obama has the power of incumbency. The usual Democrat consituencies will be solidly behind the choice. You’ve got at least 40-45% of Americans locked up, solid as a rock.

If there is a weakness, it’s that Obama is from Chicago and Bloomberg is from New York. Call you say elitist liberals? Now, underline that. Can you say “nanny statism”? Can you say complete loss of freedom?

The New York Daily News and New York magazine both have it wrong. Bloomberg’s not running AGAINST Obama. Bloomberg wants to run WITH Obama.

Bloomberg’s in it strictly for ego, but Obama has an agenda that will surprise even Bloomberg.

It could destroy this country forever.