MSNBC WATCH: Lawrence O'Donnell interviews Jimmy McMillan, has no idea he ran for NYC mayor twice

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: Isn’t it (rent) more of a New York City issue? Did you consider running for mayor instead of governor?

Meet internet sensation Jimmy McMillan of The Rent Is Too Damn High party. He’s running for New York governor. He ran for New York City mayor in 2005 and again in 2009. You’d think O’Donnell’s crack staff would do a basic bio of McMillan and O’Donnell would spend a minute reading it before going on the air to interview him.

But his staff did know this fact. From The Last Word blog:

McMillan steals the circus at NY debate
By Clare Kim – Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:36 PM EDT.The man who managed to overshadow Carl Paladino will join us as a guest on tonight’s show. Now, Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is Too Damn High Party is the new “it” guy in New York State politics.

He totally upstaged the two main contenders in last night’s gubernatorial face-off. McMillan won the state over with such memorable lines as “Listen! Someone’s child’s stomach just growled. Did you hear it? You gotta listen like me….The rent is too damn high!”

Seated between the two leading candidates donning a festive tie and black gloves, McMillan simply spoke the truth, declaring that New York City “rent is just too damn high.” In fact, that’s what his entire platform is solely based on.

But, let’s get serious. McMillan clearly sets himself apart from the six other candidates on issues encompassing the deficit and gay marriage. This one-issue candidate is no amateur to politics — the Vietnam War veteran and independent private investigator ran for New York City mayor back in ’05.

McMillan also ran in 2009, but it’s close enough. Does O’Donnell’s staff talk to him? As I wrote before, Ron Paul told the O’Donnell staff that he wouldn’t answer Rand Paul questions–and then the staff got the Rand Paul debate tape and O’Donnell asked the out-of-line questions to Ron Paul (the father). Lawrence O’Donnell, meet your staff. Are you naturally a dolt, or are they just trying to make you look like one?

Why, Jimmy, is the rent too damn high? SIlly question. It’s because of the Jews! Gatemouth did a recent post at Room Eight (a NYC blog I used to contribute to) on a topic he’s written about before:

Even Ben Smith will only tell part of the truth. He at least says full-out that Jimmy McMillan blames high rent on the Jews, but he doesn’t say what else Jimmy McMillan blames on the Jews. Here, for instance, are some excerpts from a blurb Jimmy wrote for one of his books, which he no longer links from his “Rent is Too Damn High Party” website.

None of this anti-Semitism was brought up in the Lawrence O’Donnell interview. Hey, he’s not a Republican, so why bother?

Nightline has a new award called the “Daisy” (after LBJ’s “daisy” ad in 1964) for horrible political ads. Every one that I can see was from a Republican. The worst ad–the infamous “Taliban Dan” by Florida’s “Caveman” Grayson–was not shown, of course.

Just yesterday Rachel Maddow got Meghan McCain on her show–a Republican, trashing Republicans!–and today Maddow got another Republican. Nicolle Wallace, now a novelist of the book Eighteen Acres, was asked about this stupid fictionalized woman running for president who sounds a lot like Sarah Palin!

So predictable.