Austin, TX area gets 10+" of rain within 24 hours (RedState is coming here?)

Early morning greetings from Round Rock, Texas. It’s still raining. Hermine has been a bitch. At least one area has 15 inches of rain!

Austin normally likes tropical storms from the Gulf. By the time the storm gets here, it’s usually much-needed rain. But no one has seen anything like this.

I-35 has been closed at Georgetown. Cesar Chavez (a popular thoroughfare) has been flooded.

I live near Brushy Creek, but I can’t get to it. Great Oaks Drive has been closed. Trees (we planted six) are collapsing out of the ground. At least one car has been reported to have been swallowed by the water; the driver is still missing.

Maybe other people who live around here can offer their stories.

See local news reports at KVUE, KXAN and KEYE.

Welcome to Austin, RedState Gathering! Don’t drink the water!