WEBSITE REVIEW: Glenn Beck's The Blaze.com

Glenn Beck has a nice website, The Blaze.com. This will have to be a quick review  because I’m on the road in Portland and my plane leaves soon.  Overall, it’s impressive, but I’m a little annoyed at the technical flaws.

TheBlaze.com looks to be competition for HotAir.com and InfoWars.com, two hugely popular and growing websites for news. A Breitbart.tv guy is one of its editors.

CONTENT: The content appears to be fine, a nice mix of original stuff and the usual links that everyone has. I was shocked on the UCSD professor story that neither the writer of it nor Glenn Beck was able to identify that a professor in the video was wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. “The Stories” and “The Blog” arenicely laid out for easy searching. It’s really tooearly to comment onthe content  of such a new blog.

TECHNICAL, BLOG-TYPE STUFF: This can be easily corrected, so I hope it all will be. There’s so much here, though, it’s curious why this wasn’t worked out before the launch.

I registered to comment. Is there no way to change the password that was given to me? Is there no way to identify myself (for example, where I live, what I do, and my website)?  

Why does “The Blog” not allow any comments? Why are its items not dated? (A date comes up if you click a blog post, but not if you run The Blog.)

Why are there no subjects for The Blog? For example, if I want to know blog posts about Defense or Sports, why can’t I findt hat easily?

The Wire is OK, but Google News is better.

TheBlaze doesn’t seem to trust its readers. I don’t see how I can suggest a story or a link, nor can I read others suggestions. It’s not like RedState in that respect (no diary feature).


Nice effort, and I’ll give it  a daily check. The technical stuff should be immediately fixed.

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