Oh, Barack! You want a commitment (to vote)!; Mirthless Senate?

I’m committed! I’m voting against you at every opportunity!

From Organizing for America:

Barry —

Eighteen years ago, shortly after graduating from law school, I helped lead a voter registration campaign in Chicago that generated record turnout on Election Day.

That experience taught me one of the most important lessons I ever learned as a community organizer: When people promise that they’ll do something — like voting — they are far more likely to do it.

That’s why one key part of our Vote 2010 plan this year is to get folks like you from across the country to commit to vote, to make sure we get as many people as we can to cast their ballots this fall.

But getting the commitments we need starts with your own promise to make it to the polls and cast your ballot.

Will you please commit to vote in the 2010 elections?

Over the next 82 days, volunteers across the country will spend countless hours calling voters and knocking on their doors, asking them the same question.

And you can bet that I am counting on you to join them in talking to voters in your community.

This election offers a stark choice. We Democrats are hard at work trying to move America forward, repairing a decade of damage and growing an economy based on the Main Street values of hard work and responsibility.

We’ve fought for and won historic reforms to our health care system, a victory 100 years in the making, and to Wall Street, the most sweeping overhaul of the financial system since the Great Depression.

But after years of policies that landed us in the worst recession since the 1930’s, the Republicans who got us there have not come up with anything different from the policies of George W. Bush.

We simply cannot afford to go backwards or let them repeal our reforms. And making sure we can continue moving forward starts with your own promise to cast your ballot in these elections.

Please commit to vote this fall:


Thank you,

President Barack Obama

From The Hill:

Obama asks supporters to promise to vote in midterms
By Eric Zimmermann – 08/12/10 03:35 PM ET
President Obama asked supporters today to “commit” to voting in the 2010 midterms.
Oh- we’ll vote ok barack- trust us- we all will vote!
BY suzieq on 08/12/2010 at 16:02

One trip to visit me in Austin and now he wants a commitment!

Is the Senate really mirthless? Is this a bad thing?

From the New York Times’ Opinionator Blog:

August 11, 2010, 6:25 pm
The Mirthless Senate
The United States Senate, which still flatters itself with the misnomer “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” counts a former Major League Baseball player, an organic wheat farmer, far too many lawyers and a member who describes herself as a mom in tennis shoes among its select 100.

Last year, when this club added someone with a most unlikely working background — Al Franken, the professional comedian who is the junior senator from Minnesota — I thought the upper chamber would finally get something it most lacked: a sharp sense of humor.

Like many who followed Franken’s career since his early days as a writer and performer on “Saturday Night Live,” I anticipated a flash of funny from him after he waded into the pool of poll-tested, pundit-vetted, lobbyist-cowering politicians.

The origin of “world’s greatest deliberative body” is here.

What’s Timothy Egan’s beef? He wants Al Franken to start cracking jokes again?

Does anyone look to the Senate for humor? Isn’t that the job of Jay Leno or Jon Stewart or Glenn Beck?

Absent any structural change, what the Senate badly needs is a jolt of humor, a clown to shame fellow members of the circus. More ridicule, more mirth under the spotlight to fight a mildewed sense of entitlement, could have the ironic effect of forcing senators to act like adults.

The Senate destroyed the country with healthcare “reform,” financial “reform,” financial “stimulus,” etc., that many senators never even read.

You want jokes?

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