Obama plays basketball with LeBron (no press) while America burns

Most happily married couples share a birthday together. When a country is hurting, most responsible leaders try to live modestly and feel the people’s pain. Not King and Queen Obama!

We know that Queen Obama is freely spending taxpayer money in Spain because she hasn’t had a vacation in at least a few days since her Maine vacation.

King Obama played a no-press-allowed fantasy basketball session with King LeBron (see photo):

Obama Plays Hoops With LeBron and NBA Royalty
August 8, 2010
Barack Obama is often referred to as the First President of Sports…for good reason..Most Presidents are resigned to throwing out the first pitch or sitting in a skybox waiving..but this President actually gets in the game…Barack Obama put together an informal dream team of current and former basketball superstars on Sunday..Unfortunately it was closed to the public..Obama and the boys including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Bill Russell and Magic Johnson came together in Washington to entertain wounded troops. The game was played for a group of troops injured in action..The game lasted for a few hours in a gym at Washington’s Fort McNair.. When asked why media coverage was blocked, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama “just wanted to play.” After the legends and Obama pickup game..players were invited to stay and take part in a barbecue at the White House..sort of a cherry on top capping off the President’s 49th birthday week..Does anyone else think the President is taking advantage of his position…perks of being the Prez I guess.. -TO

Obama has had one press conference all year. One!

King Obama and Queen Obama have visited Arizona zero times. They’ve sued Arizona for attempting to defend its border and sovereignty.

If King Obama is playing a charity basketball game for the troops at Washington’s Fort McNair, how could he keep the press away? Isn’t this the people’s property? There are no military secrets to this basketball game. We have 90,000+ WikiLeaks documents about active military conflicts, but King Obama’s basketball game is kept top secret?

We’re not supposed to have a King and a Queen. We’re supposed to have a president. There is no elected office of first lady.

Is this still America?