Vote NPR for the "Helen Thomas" White House seat (because NPR is not biased)?

There’s a campaign going on to vote NPR for the vacated “Helen Thomas” seat in the White House Press Corps. The argument is that Fox News is biased, but publicly financed NPR is not. Where do I begin?

From the anti-Fox News website News Hounds:

Vote For NPR Over Fox News
Reported by Ellen – July 28, 2010
Should the front row center seat in the White House press briefing room go to FOX News or NPR? We think it’s a no brainer and we support CREDO Action’s campaign to award the seat that Helen Thomas vacated to a real news organization, not a propaganda network.

Just say NO to propaganda! Tell the White House Correspondents Association: NPR deserves to be in the front row, FOX does not. Sign the petition to the White House Correspondents Association.

Here’s a recent story from the non-biased NPR:

Public Radio Publicist Apologizes For Controversial Remarks About Limbaugh
by David Gura
July 21, 2010
This morning, The Daily Caller posted a story about an email message radio publicist Sarah Spitz reportedly sent to Journolist, a now-defunct listserv.

“If you were in the presence of a man having a heart attack, how would you respond?” The Daily Caller article began. “As he clutched his chest in desperation and pain, would you call 911? Would you try to save him from dying? Of course you would.”

No doubt, the public radio publicist said something witty and urbane.

But if that man was Rush Limbaugh, and you were Sarah Spitz, a producer for National Public Radio, that isn’t what you’d do at all.

In a post to the list-serv Journolist, an online meeting place for liberal journalists, Spitz wrote that she would “Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out” as Limbaugh writhed in torment.

In boasting that she would gleefully watch a man die in front of her eyes, Spitz seemed to shock even herself. “I never knew I had this much hate in me,” she wrote. “But he deserves it.”

Maybe not so witty and urbane.

In fact, Spitz has never been an NPR employee. For many years, she has worked for KCRW, a public radio station in Santa Monica, California, as a producer and publicist.
Since 1991, Spitz has contributed six pieces to NPR’s flagship magazine programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered, about arts and culture in the greater Los Angeles area, on a freelance basis.

Correction taken. This woman doesn’t work for NPR–she merely contributed to NPR six times and works for a publicly funded station that airs NPR.

So, NPR, how do you explain this, from Ace of Spades HQ:

January 04, 2010
NPR Teaches You How to Speak “Tea Bag”
Why am I linking?

Because you paid for this — you might as well enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You ponied up good hard cash, that could have gone to your retirement, or a kid’s braces, or a new plasma tv, so that NPR could insult you as stupid and crazy. And a “teabagger.”

NPR — time for them to go.

Definitely click — you are paying for their servers, after all.

Fox Nation reported in April 2010 that the ultra-liberal cartoonist in question was severely punished:

‘How to Speak Tea Bag’ Cartoonist Wins Pulitzer

Here’s the CREDO petition that the lefties want you to sign:

“FOX News is a right-wing propaganda operation, not a legitimate news organization. Award the seat vacated by Helen Thomas to NPR, which has provided public interest coverage of the presidency and the White House for almost four decades.”

CREDO is part of Working Assets:

Our Mission
Working Assets was founded in 1985 to give people an easy way to make a difference in the world, just by doing the things they do every day. Each time our members use one of our services — CREDO Mobile, CREDO Long Distance and the Working Assets credit card — we automatically send a donation to nonprofit groups working for peace, human rights and the environment. To date we’ve raised over $65 million for groups like Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. But we’re not just raising donations for progressive causes, we’re making change. Our CREDO Action Web site plugs you into a network of like-minded citizen activists and provides easy and effective ways to take action on the issues you care about.

This “progressive causes” organization is pushing for the NPR. What a surprise.

Newsbusters posted this about NPR:

MSNBC’s Scarborough Points Out NPR’s Bias Hypocrisy
By Mike Sargent
Mon, 12/07/2009 – 12:29 ET
For the dog-bites-man news category: Joe Scarborough had a moment of intellectual schizophrenia today.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Willie Geist and Politico.com executive editor Jim VandeHei were discussing a Politico story about internal political pressures at National Public Radio (NPR). Apparently, NPR’s top political correspondent Mara Liasson was asked by NPR executives to reconsider her appearances on Fox News, for concerns over Fox’s perceived political bias.

Scarborough pointed out the obvious:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well I just want to say, I love NPR and I listen to NPR, but I’ve been listening to reformed, pot-smoking hippies for the past thirty years on NPR with a very substantial left-wing bias – and I don’t care that they eat tree bark like Euell Gibbons, and I don’t care if they are still smoking pot in their sixties. They put on great radio. But for NPR – for NPR, the leadership at NPR to question the bias of Fox News is a joke. They have been biased – again, I still listen to them, because like “The New York Times” they are the best at what they do. But, please, that is a laugh.

I’m of two minds about this.

In an Obama world, it makes perfect sense that the “Helen Thomas” seat should go to NPR.

In the real world, there is no taxpayer-funded NPR.