Krauthammer on "Lame Duck Session": "Every current member should be publicly asked, in the event you lose in November..."

Will our republic be destroyed (more than it’s been already) during the “lame duck session” in November? Will Democrats with nothing to lose vote against this country for private personal gain (from President Obama)?

RedState or the Heritage Foundation or FreedomWorks or the tea parties (Michele Bachmann?) or any good government group should protect this country now by holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire with a simple pledge.

Charles Krauthammer’s Friday column echoes what I’ve long been thinking:

Beware the lame-duck Congress: With nothing to lose, they could vote for anything
Charles Krauthammer
Friday, July 23rd 2010, 4:00 AM
As John Fund reports in The Wall Street Journal, Sens. Jay Rockefeller, Kent Conrad and Tom Harkin are already looking forward to what they might get passed in a lame-duck session. Among the major items being considered are card check, budget-balancing through major tax hikes, and climate-change legislation involving heavy carbon taxes and regulation.
Perhaps shame will constrain the Democrats. But that is not to be counted on. It didn’t stop them from pushing through a health-care reform the public didn’t want by means of “reconciliation” maneuvers and without a single Republican vote in either chamber – something unprecedented in American history for a reform of such scope and magnitude.

How then to prevent a runaway lame-duck Congress? Bring the issue up now – applying the check-and-balance of the people’s will before it disappears the morning after Election Day. Every current member should be publicly asked: In the event you lose in November – a remote and deeply deplorable eventuality, but still not inconceivable – do you pledge to adhere to the will of the electorate and, in any lame-duck session of Congress, refuse to approve anything but the most routine legislation required to keep the government functioning?

Honoring a pledge, and shame.

Do Democrats still have these simple principles?