God bless Glenn Beck ("I might be going blind"); Beck-Goldline attacks continue

Glenn Beck announced today that he has macular dystrophy and might be going blind.

(I might have the same problem–it runs in my family.)

The Huffington Post (Obama tells me to read this) comments were mostly respectful:

Glenn Beck: I Might Be Going Blind
Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson First Posted: 07-19-10 01:57 PM | Updated: 07-19-10 06:15 PM

The Huffington Post couldn’t leave that alone, of course, so the left searched and searched and searched until it found a joke Glenn Beck told four years ago:

Glenn Beck Made Blind Joke In 2006 (VIDEO)
First Posted: 07-19-10 06:03 PM | Updated: 07-19-10 06:06 PM

ABC’s Nightline just did an opening story on Goldline and Glenn Beck. (Was this really front page news? Is ABC going to report on CBS’s Bob Schieffer, who never heard of the New Black Panthers story? Or does the MSM cover for MSM news rivals?)

Here’s a story at ABC.com:

Glenn Beck’s Golden Advertiser Under Fire
Goldline, a gold firm touted by Beck and other Fox hosts, is being investigated.

Goldline advertises on many programs. I even saw a Goldline ad in the online New York Times. But ABC News screams “GLENN BECK’S GOLDEN ADVERTISER UNDER FIRE.”

Anthony Weiner made the Nightline program, again telling all that he’s investigating an “unholy alliance” between Beck and Goldline. I didn’t know Congressmen investigated holy and unholy alliances. You’d think Anthony Weiner would check critism like mine and change his language.

LA Weekly also leads with Glenn Beck’s name:

Glenn Beck Advertiser Goldline Under Investigation By California Authorties
By J. Patrick Coolican, Mon., Jul. 19 2010 @ 6:21PM
ABC News reports that the LA County District Attorney and the Santa Monica City Attorney are investigating Goldline International and Superior Gold Group, both based in Santa Monica.

Glenn Beck, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee all engage in the rather unseemly practice of hawking the wisdom of buying gold even as Goldline pays them millions to advertise. So now, Adam Radinsky, Santa Monica Deputy City Attorney, this is your quarter hour of fame.

Radinsky tells ABC the investigation has nothing to do with Beck, though you can bet there will be push-back from FoxWorld.

The investigation will pursue claims that the companies don’t deliver what they promise or push customers to buy overpriced gold coins instead of pure bullion, with the consumers quickly finding out they’ve lost — in some cases — nearly half their money even as the price of gold has skyrocketed in the past few years because of the unstable global economy.

This is the second hit on Goldline. Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat, put out a report about Goldline with some of the same charges of manipulating consumers.

Goldline points to a solid rating from the Better Business Bureau and tells ABC it deals aggressively with complaints.

As I wrote in an earlier post about Goldline, I do own gold, but not through Goldline. I own a fund (ETF) of gold bullion, so I don’t have to pay for shipping and storage and added costs upon sale. In my opinion, Goldline (and many other companies like it) sells vastly overpriced coins, and the transaction costs eat up any gold price appreciation–that’s not guaranteed. However, Goldline (and companies like it) does nothing illegal. People eat at bad Austin restaurants and I can’t stop them. People in New York City go to a newsstand and buy The New York Times. It’s all up to the buyer. The risks are disclosed. Caveat emptor.

If Congressman Anthony Weiner was really concerned about finance, maybe he’d want to read the 2,300-page financial regulation monstrosity that will destroy the entire free market system in the United States. I’m sure that one of the pages in that law will make it quite easy to shut down Goldline whenever a Democrat desires to.

ABC’s Nightline made no mention that Glenn Beck is possibly going blind. Nightline did, however, note that Sarah Palin once tweeted the word “refudiate” (which she immediately corrected). The anchor broke into a laugh.

You stay classy, MSM.