BOOBGATE: Sarah Palin ends lefty smears on Greta's OTR show

Here’s a few brief notes on two women, both on Fox News in the last two shows: Sarah Palin on Greta Van Susteren’s ON THE RECORD and Kirsten Powers on HANNITY.

She told Greta that she (Palin) has not had a boob job. She also said that Trigg is her baby.

Sheesh! The left has got to move on!

The real boob on the boob tube of Fox News tonight was Kirsten Powers on HANNITY’s Great American Panel. Yes, the lefties are weak, but Powers is actually on Rupert Murdoch’s payroll and writes for the New York Post.

Powers said that “we shouldn’t be drilling for oil in water.” Really? REALLY? Is Kirsten Powers that dumb? The safety record has been pretty darn good. If there’s an airplane accident, would Powers be saying “we shouldn’t be flying”–knowing that driving is much more dangerous?

Kirsten Powers then admitted that she likes Jimmy Carter–as a humanitarian. Jimmy Carter? Humanitarian? Jimmy Carter, the Hamas shill? Humanitarian? Is that a joke?

Kirsten Powers is a waste of panel space.

FWIW, Hannity again showed some ways an oil spill can be cleaned up, and I find American inventiveness fascinating.