Google fails to honor Memorial Day--or does Google do the right thing?

Google has a logo “doodle” celebrating everything except what’s truly important, such as Memorial Day, or Veterans Day, or September 11th.

It’s Monday morning. Here’s Google.com. Last year, if I recall correctly. Google added a simple ribbon.

UPDATE?: When I began this post a few minutes ago, I didn’t see anything on the Google page. Now, when I try again, I see a tiny yellow ribbon over a flag, with the words: “In honor of the soldiers who have given their lives for our country.”

I’m going to Google.com several times now, and sometimes that’s there and sometimes it’s not there. Strange. Anyway, why couldn’t they do an actual logo doodle like Google does for everything else?

YAHOO!, on the upper left corner, shows someone raising a flag. Nicely done.

Here’s a Wikipedia page “List of Google Doodles.” Here’s Google’s own FAQ page on Doodle History.

The visual list of all Google logo doodles is here.

On May 21st, Google did a Pac-Man game logo. A lot of effort probably went into that.

May 17th–“150th Anniversary of Martin Kukucin’s Birthday – (Slovakia).” How could we forget.

May 15th–“Teacher’s Day – (Korea).” Of course.

May 1st–“Labour Day – (Selected Global).” Love those labor unions.

April 23rd–“National Sovereignty and Children’s Day – (Turkey).” Always on my calendar.

April 22nd–“Earth Day – (Global).” Naturally.

April 1st–“April Fools! – (US).” Not bad.

Here’s what Google did last year, from Search Engine Land:

Google’s Yellow Memorial Day Ribbon & Logos From Other Search Engines
May 25, 2009 at 8:01am ET by Barry Schwartz
Today is Memorial Day, so please expect lighter then normal coverage here. I have posted the various logos from the search engines for the special day. The big shocker in today’s logo roundup for Memorial Day is Google posting a little yellow ribbon on their home page. Historically, Google has never posted a ‘Doodle’ for the day, and today is no different, but they did place a little yellow ribbon. Below is a screen shot of the Google home page for today, plus the various logos from the other search engines for the special day.

I’m trying Google.com again, and I just get “Make Google my homepage” where the message used to be. Strange.

We’re fighting two wars and Google users have to beg for this?