Obama's Aunt Zeituni stays!

Aunt Zeituni stays!

From the Boston Herald “Lone Republican” blog:

Taxpayers lose again!
Today Aunt Zeituni was granted asylum. She gets to stay and live on our dime for the rest of her life!

Here are some figures to consider:

In Massachusetts we have 220,000 illegal immigrants (Aunt Zeituni was illegal up until today). 25% of the illegal immigrants collect welfare benefits. That means there are 55,000 receiving taxpayer funded benefits. If each illegal alien gets $1000 in benefits each month, that comes out to be $55 million per month and $660 million per year. That’s if they only collect $1000 in benefits per month.

Had enough? Remember in November and vote out our elected officials who support amnesty and taxpayer funded benefits!

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From a comment to POLITICO:

No way! She gets to stay after breaking the law for only the past SIX years and having no meaningful employment to provide for herself?Funny-my father had to join the US military and serve before he could be granted citizenship. Imagine if he had known that all he needed was for a chicago thug to call in a favor for him instead? He could have kept the hearing he lost in one ear because of an exploding grenade and not had to go through all of those years of hard work and fought in all those battles. But then-he would have openly sneered at someone who snuck over and sponged off of the legal citizens of this country. She’s been here for at least six years-why does she have no job STILL?

From CNN:

Washington (CNN) — President Obama’s aunt from Kenya can stay in the United States, a U.S. immigration judge has ruled, ending a six-year-plus legal battle over her status.

Judge Leonard Shapiro made the decision Friday, court officials said. Two government sources confirmed Monday that the ruling will give legal status to Zeituni Onyango, 57, allowing her to remain in the country.
Onyango, who is the half-sister of the president’s late father, applied for political asylum in 2002 due to violence in her native Kenya. She was a legal resident of the United States at the time and had received a Social Security card a year earlier.

Onyango’s asylum request was turned down in 2004. She appealed the rejection of her request twice but was denied each time and ordered to leave the country.

Onyango remained in the country illegally until April 2009 when Shapiro gave her permission to stay in the United States while he considered her case.

Political violence in Kenya? I visited Kenya around the time she came over. Have you seen Thailand and Greece?

How many chances did Aunt Zeituni get to stay in the US?

Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber that when you share the wealth, it’s good for everybody. Obama also believes that, at a certain point, you’ve made too much money. Obama made over $5.5 million last year.

Did Obama share any of his wealth with Aunt Zeituni? Did he help his brother living in a hut in Kenya?

Isn’t Obama’s liberal-progressive philosophy “I am my brother’s keeper”?

It’s nice to know that Aunt Zeituni is staying and that our immigration policies aren’t at all arbitrary and capricious as they appear to be.