Saturday NY Times & Charles Blow play the race/hate card once more

Typical New York Times editorial board and typical Charles Blow drivel are in Saturday’s op-ed pages. I can’t wait for 2011 when the online New York Times goes to a pay model and no one reads this stuff.

The editorial summary says; “The Phoenix Suns were true role models in donning ‘Los Suns’ jerseys in protest of Arizona’s harsh anti-immigration law. Let’s hope state leaders get the message.”

Harsh? Hardly.

Anti-immigration law? It’s anti ILLEGAL immgiration, not anti-immigration.

Did the New York Times even bother to read the law?

The New York Times editorial board continues:

We don’t often get a chance to congratulate athletes for truly being role models. But watching the Phoenix Suns’ players wearing their “Los Suns” jerseys this week made us proud.

Proud? For a paid professional athlete to wear a jersey (provided by the team owner) that makes no linguistic sense in any language?

While others protest, the Obama administration remains too much on the sidelines in the face of Arizona’s foolishness. What’s needed is swift action by the Department of Justice to challenge the law in court. In the meantime, federal immigration databases should be denied to police attempting to enforce a law that would usurp federal powers.

The New York Times couldn’t have read Arizona’s law, which follows existing federal law. Or maybe the Times just doesn’t give a damn and promotes its agenda, anyway.

Federal immigration databases should be denied to Arizona police? Is what the NY Times suggests even legal?

Does Charles Blow ever write any column that doesn’t cry “racist”?

Laura Ingraham destroyed Blow’s column calling the tea parties “minstrel shows.” Blow attended a tea party, but didn’t both to speak to anyone who attended. Blow judged that the crowd was mostly white, so they were all racists.

He re-writes the same slur:

Trying to Outrun Race
Published: May 7, 2010
Racist. Tea Party.

Are those separate concepts or a single one? Depends on whom you ask.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 61% of tea party opponents say that racism has a lot to do with tea parties, but only 7% of tea party participants believe this. So the opponents (who’ve never gone to a tea party and just accept MSM slanders) must be right on the facts.

On Thursday, Amy Kremer, the director of the Tea Party Express, sat down on “The View.” Prompted to disavow supporters who might be motivated by racism, she looked into the camera and said: “This is not a racist movement. We don’t want you here. Go away if that’s what you’re about. We’re about the fiscal issues and about being American.”

That’s exactly right.

There is no way to know how many Tea Party supporters — or supporters of any group — are motivated by racism, or to what degree.

There is no way to know about racism, but I (Charles Blow) know. Racist!

Following their logic, racial views not visible are nonexistent and those who raise the issue are simply projecting. It’s a fete of Freudian delusions.

Maybe no one caught the n-word on any video recorder, and maybe racist stuff can’t be found on any of the signs, and maybe not one of the presenters said anything remotely racist, but that doesn’t mean everyone wasn’t thinking about race! You’re all delusional if you don’t think all those teabaggers aren’t just hatin’ on a black president! Racist! Racist! RACISTS!!!!!!!!

Tea Party organizers may want to run away from the facts, but they’re not that fast, and the American people are not that slow.

Racist! Racist! You can’t run away from it! You can’t deny it! YOU’RE ALL RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles, darling, you just wrote: “There is no way to know how many Tea Party supporters — or supporters of any group — are motivated by racism, or to what degree.”

But, a few paragraphs later, tea party racism is a “fact.”

The people who attend tea parties are concerned citizens who care about this country. They’re mothers and fathers and regular Joes and Janes. The events are all peaceful.

Charles Blow is a one-note clown crying “Racist!” in every column.

Charles Blow wouldn’t write another column in any responsible newspaper. In the New York Times, he’ll re-write the same dishonest column again next week.