Kay Bailey Hutchison: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"

I thought the song she was singng was “You Better Go Now.”

From Culture Map Houston:

Where Kay Bailey Hutchison ranks among great American flip flops
By Caroline Gallay
March 31st, 2010 at 5:03 PM
Kay Bailey Hutchison is issuing an official “just kidding!” and flip flopping her way back to the Senate. The Republican Senator had said (among many other things) that she would resign if she weren’t successful in the Governor’s race. She lost the Republican nomination to incumbent Gov. Rick Perry.

The move doesn’t surprise many. Hutchison sits on the Commerce, Banking and budget-making Appropriation committees and had become increasingly ambivalent about when she planned to leave. First, Bailey said she would leave the Senate as soon as she lost to Perry in the Republican gubernatorial primary on March 2. Then, she was staying on to fight Barack Obama’s health care bill — only when the bill passed, Hutchison was still there.

This all fits in with the long and illustrious history of American flip flopping.

In other news, I just got a response from my Congressman John Carter:

Dear Barry:

Thank you for contacting me in support of pension relief funding legislation. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

As you may know, the Pension Protection Act, signed into law in 2006, significantly tightened defined-benefit funding rules and required companies to meet 100 percent of their obligations within seven years, beginning in 2008. However, the difficult economic downturn that began that same year put an enormous strain on companies to meet their pension funding requirements. Without additional action, on January 1, 2010, companies would have to bear significant additional funding requirements and potentially temporarily freeze their pension plans.

I had written to him about the Lehman Brothers report as a Lehman shareholder who was wiped out. This is a different subject entirely.

Does no one listen? No one–Republican or Democrat?

Can no one in government be trusted?