Red State questions for Brett Baier to ask President Obama

Sorry this is late, but I had to put the kids to sleep.

From Fox News:

March 16, 2010 | 1:25 PM ET
Submit Your Questions: Fox News’ Bret Baier to Interview President ObamaPresident Obama will be sitting down with Fox News’ Bret Baier for an exclusive one-on-one interview Wednesday.

Baier will talk to the president about the latest on Obama’s top domestic priority, health care legislation, and also other issues facing the administration. This is Baier’s first interview with the president.

“Obviously they have a pretty big audience share and I think it’s safe to say that – a lot of members that are undecided are going to be – they watch and their constituents watch this news, White House Press Secretary Gibbs said in response to a question by New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg.

“So we’re happy to continue the argument of why health care reform is important on Fox,” he added.

Stolberg followed up asking if they think he will be able to change the minds of people who watch Fox News, “It’s certainly worth a shot,” Gibbs responded.

Do you have a question you think Baier should ask? Email your ideas to [email protected] Baier plans to bring in 2-3 questions from viewers and readers into the interview.

For more information visit the Special Report website. You can watch the whole interview in its entirety on Special Report with Bret Baier at 6p.m. ET Wednesday.

1. Will you look straight at Americans at tell them that you won’t do something that outrages everyone with a conscience, such as the “Slaughter Rule,” and that you will not sign any piece of legislation that the House is too cowardly to even vote on?

2. Will you look striaght at Americans and tell them that this bill doesn’t federally fund abortion?

3. Will you look straight at Americans and tell them that this bill insures 30 million more Americans, but that premiums will go down, that coverage will be as good or better than before, that the deficit will be cut, and that those earning less than $250,000 won’t pay a dime in new taxes?

5. If this is a healthcare bill, why is there a government takeover of all student loans in this bill?

6. I pay for my medical care in cash as I use it, just like Rush Limbaugh. It works well for all parties. Why should my government force me to buy something I don’t want or need? Will I go to jail if I don’t buy this government-mandated product that I don’t want? Is this even Constitutional, and how so?

7. Can you point to any state (Massachusetts? Hawaii?) where there’s government-run healthcare that you admire? Can you point to any country (Canada? Great Britain? Cuba?) where there’s government-run healthcare that you admire? Where on earth (besides the United States, which you obviously want to change) is there a healthcare system that you admire?

8. You promised that Americans will get healthcare every bit as good as members of Congress have. Under this bill, that’s not true. Does that mean that you won’t sign the bill, or that you lied?

9. Why does this bill collect tax revenues for four years before benefits kick in? Do you think that’s fair to the American people? Do you think even the worst private insurance company in America would get away with such a scheme?

10. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Mr. President. Does this bill support and are you in favor of lifestyle police? Are you going to outlaw shamrock shakes? Some people drink green Sprite–do you favor a tax on all soda? Som children make Leprachaun cookies–do you think they should be banned in schools and at home? Don’t you think this St. Patrick’s Day would be so much better if all the presidents got together were forced to eat broccoli? Or do respect Americans’ rights to make their own food and lifestyle choices on this and every other day?