Jesse Ventura goes nutcase (warning: another Massa-type tv trainwreck)

Jesse Ventura has written a book, but Fox News and others are better off ignoring it. He is a Massa-type trainwreck. He’s yesterday’s news. Don’t give him valuable airtime.

They’ll book him on all the shows, of course.

From Newsbusters:

Barbara Walters Lets Jesse Ventura Spread 9-11 Truther Rant, Gives Out Free Copies of Truther Book
By Tim Graham
Sat, 03/13/2010 – 11:11 ET
Professional conspiracy theorist (and former independent Minnesota Governor) Jesse Ventura hawked his book American Conspiracies on ABC’s The View on Wednesday. Barbara Walters plays a journalist on TV, so why would she spread horrific and unproven conspiracy theories on ABC? Just for the ratings?

Anything for Massa-type ratings. But is it worth it? As Dan Rather might say, if you wrestle with a pig, you both get full of mud and the pig likes it.

Ventura blamed Cheney for the attacks, since Bush was reading a children’s book in Florida when news of the attacks broke, causing Walters to object: “Cheney really wanted to cause the death of 3,000 people? Come on!” Ventura replied: “58,000 of us were killed in Vietnam.”

Ventura also hosts a series on Time Warner’s so-called “TruTV” called “Conspiracy Theory.”

If all of this 9/11 truther talk on The View reminds anyone of Rosie O’Donnell, she is a fan of Jesse Ventura’s. She thinks the pro wrestler-turned-politician is brilliant.

I’m all for freedom of speech and discussion of the issues. But when Jesse Ventura insults our nation and all those who died on 9-11, maybe he should be talking on a street corner alongside the fellow who thinks he’s Napoleon.

A Newsbusters comment:

Blowing the lid off??????
Sat, 03/13/2010 – 14:18 ET by motherbelt
As if this is a new idea?????

With this book, Jesse the Whine is gearing up for another 15 minutes of fame as he (paraphrasing his casting of his bait): “tries to decide whether I should run for president”

Governor Turnbuckle is becoming the Ozzy Ozbourne of the political culture: a textbook case, in his case, of why one shouldn’t let others throw them around on their head too many times.

The fifteen minutes are up.

Amazon.com shows that Ventura book, “American Conspiracies,” has 13 five-star reviews, 2 three-star reviews, and 3 one-star reviews. Amazon must be holding back the bad reviews, as it sometimes does.

Here’s a one-star review:

This guy cant be serious, March 14, 2010
By S. Jamison “Frrrunkiss”
It must be the Thermite paint!

Jesse is very smart in one area. He watches JFK, Conspiracy Theory and other Hollywood conspiracy movies and then writes a book about them, telling people they are real and makes a lot of money off of complete morons.

Do not read this book. It is a joke. Don’t encourage this mental patient. He needs to go away.

Another Amazon comment:

Conspiracy nuts will read ANYTHING by ANYONE. And since Ventura is one of the few purveyors of nutty theories who can get guest slots on mainstream TV to promote these whacked out tracts, it’s like guaranteed sales.

Ventura is a smart guy. Too smart to buy into the easily debunked garbage in these books. As a former pro wrestler, the man knows how to sell a sham. He’s a marketing genius, and looked great in a feather boa.

If I see Jesse Ventura on Glenn Beck’s show, and on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and on Greta Van Susteren’s show, and Ventura’s talking about how our government caused 9-11, I don’t care what the host says. You’ve wasted all our time.