Obamao's "Final March" facts(?); 'Watermelon" update


The Dan Rather “watermelon” story was featured on The O’Reilly Factor (Pinheads & Patriots) and Hannity (Great American Panel) last night. There was no mention of the truth–that the phrase is from Jim Hightower.

Jim Hightower is alive and well and living in the Austin area. I wrote to him and he just wrote back:

Dear Barry,

I used it at least as early as 1982 when running for Texas Ag Commissioner.
My version (directed at ag economist and agbiz execs): “They couldn’t run a
watermelon stand if we gave them the melons and had the highway patrol flag
down customers for them.” I have no idea where I got it ­ probably heard
someome say something like it, then adapted for my style.

Best to you.
Jim Hightower

Someone has remarked that this sounds like Mao’s “Long March” and Hitler’s “Final Solution.” Othere have said that Obama is simply trying to recall Martin Luther King’s civil rights marches. Either way, I’m creeped out.

From Hydar Blog V2.0:

Obamacare Deathmarch
2010/03/10 at 5:39 pm (politics, stigmas)
So… basically, The People are meant to rise up and… print short PDF files of old talking points. And, um, spread them around the, um, community and stuff.

C’mon … “Final March”? Has the Stench of Doom on it, dunnit? Maybe they could call it the “Healthcare Trail of Tears” or the “Bataan Health March”?

This is “Day1: Get the facts out.” But the OFA “facts” are not facts. ObamaCare will not cut the deficit by one trillion dollars. The “facts” are almost all lies.

I don’t have the time to debunk every one of the “facts,” but it’s all bad.

Barry —

As the President has made clear, Americans deserve a final up-or-down vote on health reform. And the House is now expected to hold its final vote as soon as one week from today.

As we speak, insurance-industry lobbyists are gathering at the D.C. Ritz-Carlton to stage a last-minute blitz to block reform — even as they jack up premiums by as much as 60% for small businesses and families across the country.

So starting today, we’re launching an unprecedented week-long campaign sprint — our “Final March for Reform.” Each day until the vote, we’ll feature a powerful new way for OFA supporters to speak out in our communities and weigh in directly with Congress.

Today, we’ll start by spreading the facts about reform in our communities. Smears and falsehoods have clouded this debate — Congress must understand that if they pass reform, their constituents will know the truth about what we’ve finally achieved. Click here to begin.

We’ve put together a simple summary of the President’s proposal, a fact sheet to show friends and co-workers how the plan will specifically help them, posters to display, Facebook notes to post, and much more.

We’re on the verge of solving a crisis that has vexed our nation for generations — and eluded the best efforts of seven previous Presidents.

But our opponents will stop at nothing to distort the President’s proposal and derail our progress. It may all come down to what we do together this week.

Today, it’s time to show the insurance lobbyists that no smear campaign cooked up at a posh hotel can match the power of millions of regular citizens who are ready for change and committed to the truth.

Please join our truth squad — and start spreading the facts today:


Thanks for making it possible,

David Plouffe