Obamao's "final march" for healthcare (He wears SEIU purple tie!)

Organizing for America just e-mailed with a special Obamao video for the ‘Final March” for healthcare.

Barry —

After Wednesday’s bold announcement about the path forward on health reform, President Obama recorded a message specifically for Organizing for America supporters.

I hope you’ll watch it.

And once you watch, please add your name to the growing list of volunteers committing to work with the President during the final march for reform. Watch the video here:




Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

President Obama wears an SEIU purple tie. I think it’s hardly an accident. “I’m with you, SEIU!”

Obama says he’s fighting to lower health care costs, blah-blah-blah–all untrue.

Got to love the caduceus planted right into Obama’s personal logo.

“Final March.” Purple tie. Symbols. Private OFA army.

This doesn’t sound like America to me.