NY Post calls for Governor David Paterson to go

Is New York Governor David Paterson leaving? Can Charles Rangel also go? Do I have to tell you that they’re both Democrats?

From Friday’s New York Daily News:

Gov. Paterson declares he has ‘open mind’ on quitting race as allies continue to abandon him
BY Glenn Blain, Elizabeth Benjamin and Kenneth Lovett In Albany and Celeste Katz, Rocco Parascandola and Helen Kennedy
Friday, February 26th 2010, 5:08 AM
His political career imploding spectacularly around him, Gov. Paterson insisted Thursday night that he’s still running, but for the first time said he’ll consider calls to step aside.

Allies abandoned him as the scandal over his involvement in domestic abuse allegations against a top aide also sucked in the head of Paterson’s security detail: State Police Maj. Charles Day.

Paterson’s criminal justice czar also abruptly quit, enraged by her boss, and a host of Democrats declared that, at the very least, his hopes for election are shot.

At worst, they said, he could be forced to resign, be impeached, or face criminal charges.

“I am not suspending my campaign, but I am talking to a number of elected officials around the state,” he said. “I’m obviously listening to them.”

Friday’s New York Post editorial makes it clear that Paterson must go:

Enough, governor
Posted: February 26, 2010
It’s time for David Paterson to close out his role in one of the strangest epi sodes in New York history — and turn over the affairs of state to his lieutenant governor, Richard Ravitch.

We don’t prescribe this lightly.

But new developments make it painfully clear that the accidental governor lacks the credibility to effectively see New York through its current crises.

And that he has no hope of gaining it.
David Paterson is not qualified to be governor of New York. And he can spare the state he has sworn to serve a lot of unnecessary turmoil and pain by simply stepping aside.

Without further delay.

Richard Ravitch is the guy who recently implemented the failed MTA tax that didn’t come close to saving the MTA.

Don’t look for a Chris Christie or a Scott Brown here. New York’s GOP is in shambles.

If this is the Empire State, the “empire” has fallen.