NYC Bake Sales--no homemade brownies allowed, but Doritos OK?

Bake sales that ban brownies, but allow Doritos? Welcome to New York City, the nanny capital.

From the New York Times:

February 23, 2010, 1:08 pm
No Brownies at Bake Sales, but Doritos May Be O.K.
Nine months after effectively banning most fund-raising food sales in city schools, a city panel will vote Wednesday on an amended regulation that will allow student groups to sell items like Pop-Tarts and Doritos during the school day, but not brownies, zucchini bread or anything else homemade.

The new regulation is meant as a compromise between the city’s concerns about childhood obesity— which they cite as the reason for the restrictions — and the fund-raising needs of student and parent groups, some of which are struggling amid difficult economic times, especially after losing one of their most lucrative sources of revenue.
To qualify as an approved item, a snack must meet 11 criteria developed by the city. For example, all products must be in marked, single-serving packages with a maximum calorie count of 200. Artificial sweeteners, like Splenda, are banned. Less than 35 percent of the item’s total calories may come from either total sugars or fat. Grain-based products must contain at least 2 grams of fiber.

The criteria led some foods not normally thought of as healthy to make the list. For example, approved items include two of the 21 varieties of Frito-Lay Doritos: Cool Ranch Reduced Fat, and Spicy Sweet Chili (1 ounce packages). The Cool Ranch variety contains three food colorings — Red 4D, Blue 1 and Yellow 5 — and two laboratory-produced flavor enhancers — disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. The criteria don’t ban these additives.

Oh, those 167 comments:

Let me get this straight. It’s perfectly fine to feed the darlings processed junk food like said DORITOS and POP TARTS, but not OK to feed kids home baked treats like ZUCCHINI BREAD. Logic please.

— Lori

Guess so, Lori.

Home made sushi, Vietnamese spring rolls and falafels are less healthy than processed foods? Sometimes, I don’t think I live on the same planet as these officious bureaucrats.

— blacklight

Same planet? You’re in the same city–New York.

Ha Ha This is from the Onion, right? Right????

— WI

Sadly, no.