Bernie Goldberg attacks the right on "The O'Reilly Factor"

Does Fox News have to attack the right (many of Fox’s viewers) to show that it is “fair and balanced”? The far right is just as bad as the far left, we’re told.

Not true.

There’s good and bad, right and wrong. Saying that bad isn’t that bad, or that good really isn’t that good, isn’t “fair and balanced.” It’s “political correctness.”

Does anyone here drink Republican Kool-Aid? I don’t think so. The media likes to do this all the time–Hamas kills, Israel kills back, so they’re both the same. But they’re not the same. Israel tries to kill terrorists. Hamas is sworn to eliminating the entire state of Israel. There is Islamic terrorism, but there’s not Mormon terrorism.

I watch Fox News, but I’ve criticized it when it presents things that aren’t true. My letter correcting Bill O’Reilly on the origin of the word “lobbyist” (O’Reilly had told millions of viewers an old myth on Friday’s show) was, of course, not read on the air.

Monday’s Bernie Goldberg segment of “The O’Reilly Factor” has already been criticized by David Horowitz’s Newsreal (“Bernard Goldberg’s Attacks on the Faceless ‘Hard Right'”) and Gateway Pundit (“Bernie Goldberg Attacks “Kool-Aid” Drinkers on Right… They’re as Bad as Far Left”).

From Monday’s “The O’Reilly Factor”:

BERNIE GOLDBERG: Now we see people on the hard right behaving just like the crazies on the hard left and that really bothers me and I’m not a fan of Barack Obama.

How so? Barack Obama is a far-left idealogue (whether he dies that label or not). We disagree with his policies and always will. It’s great to have finally a black president, but that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to us when we see black (and white) people unemployed.

BERNIE GOLDBERG: Barack Obama says there are 57 states and they turn that into a federal case.

(FYI, here’s the origin of “federal case,” probably popularized by the Jimmy Durante Show.)
Bernie, Bernie, we know “57 states” is a slip-up. But it’s news. When you’re a public figure and you do this in public, don’t you know that’s going to go viral? And don’t you know, the MSM will ignore it? Actually, information might have been revealed: (1) Obama gets tired, and perhaps (2) he thinks a lot about the 57 Islamic states. Bernie, was showing this “57 states” clip somehow distorting the truth?

BERNIE GOLDBERG: He puts dijon mustard on his hamburgers and they turn that into a crime against humanity.

(FYI, here’s the Texas tradition of mustard on hamburgers. Here’s Yankee burger (hamburger with ketchup) and here’s Sissy burger (hamburger with mayonnaise).)
Bernie, Bernie, that Obama-goes-for-a-hamburger-because-he’s-just-a-regular-guy photo op probably cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. They couldn’t have brought it in? So some of us had fun with it. No one regarded it as a big deal, Bernie!

BERNIE GOLDBERG: Their audience doesn’t give a damn about credibility. Their audience wants them to be as unbalanced as possible.

Bernie, who are you talking about? Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck? Sean Hannity? Name names. Give examples. I just accept everything Glenn Beck says? Hardly, although I agree on most of it. I don’t want Glenn Beck/Bill O’Reilly to get his facts right?

BERNIE GOLDBERG: The Kool-Aid portion of your audience will be all over me because I dare criticize their heroes.

How did you criticize anybody without naming names? The hard right is evil, evil, evil, EVIL because it briefly blogged about “57 states” and “dijon mustard on hamburgers”?

Bernie then pointed out that The New York Times was far more interested in James O’Keefe’s arrest than his original series of undercover videos exposing ACORN. I had made the same comment and posted some numbers right here.

Here’s another take, from IOwnTheWorld.com:

Bernie Goldberg Making Little Sense
Home – by BigFurHat – February 1, 2010 – 21:03 America/Chicago – 13 Comments
Other than trying to seem “reasonable,” and failing at it, I really don’t see Goldberg’s point. It’s seems to be some sort of fence sitting, above the fray, populist noodnik thinking. For a guy who hangs around politics he certainly doesn’t understand it. The parties are becoming very extreme, and fundamental beliefs are at stake with seemingly no middle ground. Are we going to be a robust capitalist country, or a statist country? Are we going to treat terrorism as a war or a civil rights issue? It’s not so much “kool aid drinking” as it is a keen understanding that we are at the end game in this chess match, and neither side is going to tip his king, or agree to a stalemate.

There’s something very interesting happening in American history right now, Bernie. Maybe you should cover tee ball, there’s nothing at stake in that sport.

And some comments on that:

I watched that segment with Goldberg tonight, and I came out of it with the impression that Bernie is only trying to win friends and influence people. His book must not be selling well.
I watched it twice and I’m still not sure what his point is?
Bernie , like Orielly, want’s to please everyone. Look at me I’m so fair.

Bernie, if the FCC and Mark Lloyd decides to shut down Fox News, you can show them this clip, where you said the far right is just as bad as the far left, and you hammered them on “57 states” and “dijon mustard.” You can do political correctness and Neville Chamberlain appeasement until the cows come home.

It won’t make a damn bit of difference in anyone’s thinking.